Why Do We Wear Mask and How to Wear One While Watching the Game

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Why Do We Wear Mask and How to Wear One While Watching the Game

So, you are a fan of the NFL and love to watch your favorite teams, but you are not sure why do we wear masks? Well, this is a great question and I have some answers for you. Learn more information about KN95 respirator mask

First off it is very important that our fans have some identity in their fan base. You see in this day and age you do not see people with baseball caps or just any hoodie. I mean if you are not wearing anything at all, it is tough for the fans to take you seriously and that could hurt your sales down the road. So it is important that every team gets its fair share of followers and their own little bit of identity.

Secondly, even if it is just for one’s football and basketball games, it is important for fans to show their true colors as well. Many people believe that in order to be a true fan you should support each and every team, no matter how much you hate the other team or player.

Third, in the past it was very difficult to get tickets to the NFL because of the scarcity of tickets. Nowadays you can get tickets from anywhere in the world within a matter of a few days. In fact, many times fans have been known to pay hundreds of dollars for tickets to see their favorite players in action.

Fourth, the NFL has allowed fans to bring along some items that they would not be able to do without while they were watching their favorite player play. For example, most fans will bring a helmet, ball and pads, but today fans are allowed to bring things like pillows, water bottle, snacks, and other items that they would not be able to bring on the field.

So, there you have it, now you know what it is like being a true fan and why do we wear masks? Good Luck in your next football and basketball game!



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