Audi and Skoda active lane assist system

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Audi and Skoda active lane assist system

Thanks to two radar systems at the rear of the car, the Side Assist detects vehicles approaching from behind or that are in the car’s blind spot. The driver is informed of this by an LED signal on the inner edge of the wing mirror housings. Retention of driver assistance function lane keeping assistance. Other than the emergency assist, the products appear identical and I don’t know how the assisted drive on the basic version could be any better. It follows the road and adapts speed to bends on all but the most minor country lanes.

Maximum ease and convenience are our watchwords even if your car breaks down. Pressing a button on the roof module connects you to a Roadside Assistance Call Centre. The car also automatically sends data about its position and condition to the call centre so that you can quickly resolve the issue with the operator or have your car towed.

skoda lane assist is a system intended to help the driver stay within the intended lane of travel. At speeds above 65km/h, a camera mounted by the rear view mirror at the top of the windscreen detects lane marking ahead of the vehicle. Information from the camera is combined with data about the car’s speed and trajectory to calculate the time and distance before a lane marking would be crossed.

I’m not an expert as I’ve only ever driven hire or loan cars that have some kind of steering assistance and I find I just don’t get on with them and end up turning them off. There’s roads I drive on where the lines aren’t clear and/or the roads are so narrow that where there are lines modern wide cars like the Enyaq don’t sit cleanly in between the lines unless you’re really slow and careful. Adaptive Cruise Control takes a lot of hassle out of motorway driving, and Traffic Jam Assist automatically starts and stops the car in heavy traffic.

When passing the cyclist I wasn’t signalling as it was a straight road with no other cars to be seen. I would therefore say to everyone – if you’re spending £33k + on an Enyaq and considering adding the Assisted Drive pack, spend £300 more and get the PLUS version; you get a lot more for a small amount extra. I am indeed kicking myself that I only went for BASIC as I believed back in May, that the only difference was Emergency Assist which I wasn’t bothered about. It’s surprising that such an advanced feature like proper auto-steering is less than £300 more expensive than the features which come with Assisted Drive Basic. Assisted Drive Basic ‘Lane Assist’ is actually more like a system to prevent you from straddling across lines.

A Kodiaq owner posted they were told by their Skoda dealer they’d been instructed not to replace their steering wheel. “I had the steering wheel replaced on my Superb a few months ago, but the Travel Assist is still faulty,” said one owner on the AuSkoda Facebook group. Some – but not all – owners have had their steering wheels replaced as a consequence, though some have reported the issue has continued to occur. Lane assist can be turned off, but for safety reasons it will always default back on again each time you get in your car. Please allow additional time if international delivery is subject to customs processing.

If you spend a lot of time on the motorway then lane assist can make your journey less stressful and safer. Cruise control◊ allows you to set the desired speed that you want to drive at. This usually results in better fuel efficiency, which can be particularly useful on long drives on motorways for example. The cruise control is designed to keep a constant speed, set at 30km/h or more. Mind the gap – Front Assist◊ actively protects you from the dangers and effects of a collision with the vehicle in front.

High Beam Assist will keep your high beam ON all the time until it recognise cars on front of you or heading towards you. Car must have navigation system fitted and also ACC fitted for this upgrade. Works in cars with standard, analogue clocks and with virtual cockpit as well. Skoda says its Travel Assist feature combines lane-keep assist, adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition and Traffic Jam Assist to control the accelerator, brakes and steering.

When you’ve been on a trip and you’re about to set off home, for example, activate your heater beforehand to warm up the car. Besides activation itself, you can also set a departure time and choose between heating and ventilation. The SmarLink integrates the well-known interfaces Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink™ into one combined platform.


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