Shipping and Storage of Frozen Goods

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Shipping and Storage of Frozen Goods

When shipping frozen goods, insulated mailers with gel ice packs are a must. The USPS recommends that you use a thick polystyrene box when shipping internationally. Be sure to fasten a dangerous goods declaration to the outside of the package, too. The name of the food is cooled and its net weight must be marked on the package. UPS is a good choice for this type of shipment. Keep the shipping time under 30 hours. Next Day Air shipping is the fastest.

The use of freezing has been used for centuries in cold climates. A natural method of food freezing had been used in the Americas for centuries, and Clarence Birdseye, a missionary, trapper, and naturalist, was the first to improve the technique. While working in Labrador, he recognized that fish caught during ice fishing instantly became frozen. He found that fish frozen in this manner tasted better than those that were frozen at higher temperatures.

The temperature and time in which ส่งของแช่แข็งไปต่างจังหวัด are stored determine the quality of the product. This is called Time-Temperature Tolerance and helps to extend the shelf life of the products. These standards and regulations help preserve the quality of the products and reduce the likelihood of consumer dissatisfaction. However, ensuring that temperature and time are within tolerance isn’t always easy, especially if the product is produced in large volumes. Nevertheless, it is worth the trouble to prevent a consumer from dissatisfaction, which could lead to a loss of sales or a reduction in profits.

The frozen food market is segmented by product type, end-use, and region. In North America, frozen meat and poultry dominate the market. Europe is the biggest market for frozen bakeries and desserts. India has seen steady growth in the last few years, and the industry is expected to continue its expansion. In terms of the industry, KFC, McDonald’s, and Pizza Hut are major users. Further, the food service industry is expected to continue driving the global frozen food industry, thanks to the emergence of full-service restaurants.

Many signs indicate that food has gone bad. Fruits, particularly, are susceptible to spoilage, so refrigerating them may prolong their shelf life. Even if they look and smell fine, fermenting or bacteria may develop. In addition, vegetables and meat should not be refrozen unless they have a substantial amount of ice crystals. However, refreezing is safe for some foods, and refrozen them should be done with extreme caution.

When shipping frozen goods, take care to use the proper packaging material for each type of food. It is important to use appropriate insulation for the temperature difference. Foam containers are not the best choices for shipments containing meat, so you should opt for a different packaging material if you wish to ship a meat product in an eco-friendly manner. Make sure to pack items in sturdy boxes to protect them from bumps and other unwanted movements. It is also important to use the appropriate padding to prevent unwanted movement of the items.


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