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Local Landmarks”,

Shaped much like a single parenthesis opening to the south, the lake is an irregularity compared to the outline of many other lakes in Maine. These are usually formed by fluvial geomorphic processes in which sections of the river become closed-off to create the standing waterbody; these are commonly known as oxbow lakes. Variable water-milfoil (M. heterophyllum) is the most abundant invasive aquatic plant in Maine. It is native to parts of the US but is not native to New England. Due to its prolific growth, ability to spread quickly, outcompete native aquatic plant species, and interfere with recreation, this plant is a serious threat to Maine lakes.

You can study photographs, footage, audio clips, uniforms, equipment, and read moving letters from family members of servicemen laid to rest at the cemetery. Waregem is the location for the Flanders Field American Cemetery, and the two-pronged exhibition At HIPPO.WAR partly recounts the role of the US Army around Waregem in the closing stages of the First World War. The big milestone in the calendar is the Grote Steeple-Chase van Vlaanderen, 4,600 metres long, with 25 obstacles, and run on a Tuesday towards the end of August.

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And, just as East Vijverbenodigdheden helped us, we are helping other lakes around Maine. The outlet for the three combined basins is situated at the southerly end of the South Arm, which flows into the Damariscotta River in Newcastle. Damariscotta Mills is the site of the annual Alewife festival, a community celebration of the return of Sea-Run Alewives to Damariscotta Lake through a historic fish ladder. The next year the WHPWA, with the support of the Town of Boothbay Harbor, received a Coastal Communities grant from the Maine Coastal Program of the Department of Agriculture to cover the engineering costs. In 2018, with the plans and permits in hand, the WHPWA launched a fund-raising campaign that netted over $60,000 in private donations from the Boothbay community in a matter of three months to replace the broken siphon. The Association appealed to the state and municipal governments to repair the 1880 siphon, but to no avail.

2,500 different species and varieties of plants and flowers in their 40ha nursery. Specialist in trees and ornamental plants including shrubs fruit trees hedging plants, Roses and climbers. Most homes have some risk of natural disasters, and may be impacted by climate change due to rising temperatures and sea levels. On only 3 dates have measured water transparency values in any Maine lake exceeded 65 feet – all 3 dates are from Jordan P.

Towards the end of summer, males began losing weight whilst females were simultaneously accumulating fat, suggesting that males were pre-occupied with mating. As male bats do not assist in raising offspring, males have ample time to restore their energy balance after hibernation. Our results suggest that choosing a hibernacula closer to the summer range not only decreases energy cost needed for migration, it also lengthens the mating season of the individual male. Our findings have important conservation implications, as male and female biased hibernation assemblages may differ critically in terms of microclimate preferences.

One unusual feature of Georges is the shape of its basin, described by some as an inverted witch’s hat . Some are also surprised that although the ocean lies only one mile south in Hog Bay, instead Georges’ water flows north and west more than 15 miles to empty via the Union River Bay. • Bat populations are thought to have suffered significant declines in the past century throughout Europe. Fortunately, there are some signs of recovery; for instance, of the 11 species monitored in the UK, population trends of five are increasing. The drivers of past losses and recent trends are unclear; identifying them will enable targeted conservation strategies to support further recovery. • We review the evidence linking proposed drivers to impacts on bat populations in Europe, using the results of a previous cross‐taxa semi‐quantitative assessment as a framework.

That changed in 2012 with our first algal bloom, which happened again in 2015, 2017 and 2018. We couldn’t swim, families didn’t visit, and people sold camps. We didn’t know what was wrong or how to fix it, and people offered many different opinions and solutions. In 2008, the 1880 siphon fractured, and thereafter the water in the upper level of the Pond began to deteriorate, with rising salinity and decreasing oxygen. Their testing showed that below 15’ the Pond was a dead zone, its water highly saline, completely deoxygenated, and permeated with hydrogen sulfide, the natural product of vegetative decay in an anoxic environment.

From the behavioural experiments, we conclude that ‘trawling Myotis’ take isolated objects on smooth surfaces for prey. Those objects reflect isolated, stationary acoustic glints back to the echolocating bats. Conversely, ‘trawling Myotis’ will not recognise prey if prey echoes are embedded in numerous clutter echoes. We have demonstrated marked similarities between the three European ‘trawling Myotis’ species M.


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