Issue Num 16 (Fiesta, 2001)                                Page 5                                ANG TANJAYANON NEWSLETTER
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Na, Mora'y Guidangat*!!!
      Letters, faxes, e-mail, phone calls, conversations....
*(This is a temporary title for this new column. Send us your suggestions. It should be a word or expression to which all of us can relate. Does not need to have sense - mga Tanjayanon gud ta, heh, heh! - 
Braddock Calumpang) 
ATN - a non-prescription drug
    Whenever I feel homesick and there's nobody around to talk to,  I always run to and take refuge on my Ang Tanjayanon Newsletter files.  Reading them is therapeutic.  So to those in similar situation, I recommend ATN -A Therapeutic Newsletter.
                                      Mrs. Clarita B. Estimo
                                        La Mirada,  Calif.
(Mrs. Clarita Banogon-Estimo, was that former pretty head nurse of the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital in Dumaguete.  She has come to the States  to join her two lovely daughters, Elaine and Eva.)

Greetings from England

     Bradd, thru the pages of our newsletter,  I send my loving greetings to the Tanjayaonons in America, Canada and all over the world.  I am your fellow- Tanjayanon now living here in England.  Fate and destiny have been kind to us, but I know we will always miss being home where we spent the glorious happy days of our youth.  Tanjay and its beautiful people will
always have a special place in my heart. 
                                          Mariley P. Williams
(Ed's note: Ms Williams, the former Mariley T. Pao,  writes that she used to live in Opao and is the daughter of Felicisimo Pao and Mercedes Torres.  She has two lovely daughters and is married to  a "very, very wonderfully handsome English gentleman".) 

Gretings from Norway

         Hvordan gar det?  Jeg elsker deg!
      Hi, my name is Anicena Mickkelsen, the former Annie Guevarra.  I am the daugher of Mr and Mrs Mateo Guevara of Tugas, Tanjay.  I graduated hi-school from East Negros Institute in 1970. Well, my hi-school days were really, really fantastic.  We ate guavas with vinegar during vacant time, ate dinoldog sa ka Aring,  and tried to learn how to dance in the house of Inday Djotay and the music was "Magic Woman"!!!  I miss Tanjay. I miss my classmates.  Sally
Gadingan, Liza Fernandez, Rheza Calumpang, Stella Ramirez,  Inday Djotay: Please write me. 
                                              Jeg savne deg,
                                      Anicena G. Mikkelsen
                                           Hellesoy, Norway

Ms Ciony Z. Anderson

      I was doing the usual household chores and going over disposable stuff when I came across the September 1997 issue of the Ang Tanjayanon Newsletter.   I knew I had read it already so I just gook a glimpse of it.  Then  I started reading, and before I knew it I read it from cover to cover.  Indeed, our newsletter is a very entertaining and interesting publication. Time
doesn't dim its "wonderfulness".  It is unique and ever young.
       Congratulations and thanks to you Braddock, Danny and Perla.   Like our ATN,  you too are unique and ever young   (and may need a second look before being disposed of, he, he, he.)
Ciony Z. Anderson
                                      Newport Beach, Calif
(Ed's note: Ms Anunciacion Zosa-Anderson, a daughter of our erstwhile beloved Chief of Police
of Tanjay, is a dedicated educator, and is happily married to Harold Anderson, a dashing debonair.  Their only son Cory, many friends say, has the good looks of his dad and the personality, drive and frankness and  honesty of a  Zosa.)

From Denmark

     It is with profound joy and sincere gratitude that I am able to convey my most sincere greetings  to our fellow Tanjayanons.  I have been away for a long time now and I am excited to be in contact once again with my classmates, friends, and loved ones.  Wherever we are dili gyud mawala ang atong pagka-Tanjayanon.
       I'm the daughter of  anhing Venus Pilas Torres ug ni anhing Luciana Baroy Pao nga nagapoyo kaniadto dool sa baylihan sa Opao,Tanjay. I will always remember the time, nga sa dalagita pa ako, nakapuyo ako didto sa Palanas.  Among my acquaintances were the handsome Ricky Teves, Eddie Javier, Orlando Señeris. Ipangumusta na lang ko kanila.  Hope they are happy and are in the best of health. 
                               Ms. Maria Christina T. Lauridsen
                                        Sabro, Denmark
(Ed's note:  We relayed the message to Ricky Teves, who now lives here in Montebello.  Primero, mikunot  ang iyang agtang, unya mipahiyum nga mora'g may bo-ut ipasabut, dayong kageke ug katawa nga may diutayng ka-ulaw.  Yes, Ricky used to be one of the fans of Cristina during his Max Alvarado days.)

Al Moranas

       It is with deep regrets that I write this.  I am sorry but once again I wasted precious time reading the Ang Tanjayanon Newsletter.  I read it cover to cover and did not find anything worth my time.  There is no lesson we get from it.  No interesting news. Nothing positive.
You're wasting your time. The money you spend in publishing this newsletter, could be better put to use if it were sent to the Philippines to help our poor suffering people.   Dear Editors, the Ang Tanjayanon newsletter is garbage, and is good only for wrapping fish or the
                                       Al Moranas
                                        Los Angeles,  Calif
(Ed's note:  Al Moranas stinks!)

From the North Pole(?)

      I am a Tanjayanon working in a fish cannery here in Alaska.  I am a bachelor and very lonely.  I hope and wish some of our eligible Tanjayanons will write me.  My only contact with our hometown is  I enjoy reading the past issues of the Ang Tanjayanon Newsletter on the web. As of now that is  my best lingaw-lingaw.  A million thanks to Mr
Carino, Mr Reyes, Mr Gil and  Mr. Braddock, the "inventor" of Tambal sa Kamingaw.  Sir, you hit
the nail right on the head.  For your nextedition,  I shall send you some "cold" jokes from the North Pole.
                                        Norberto Castro Gomez
                                                Juno, Alaska

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