Issue Num 15 (Liwas sa Fiesta 2000 )                           Page 4                        ANG TANJAYANON NEWSLETTER
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Na, Mora'y Guidangat*!!!
      Letters, faxes, e-mail, phone calls, conversations....
*(This is a temporary title for this new column. Send us your suggestions. It should be a word or expression to which all of us can relate. Does not need to have sense - mga Tanjayanon gud ta, heh, heh! - Braddock Calumpang)
From Norway

    We, the Tanjayanons of Norway and Denmark,  send our love and best wishes to our brother and sister Tanjayanons in America, Canada and all over the world.   Wherever we are and whatever will be, we will always fondly remember that there's no place like home.   God bless our beloved Tanjay.

                  Wesley G. Alonso, MD
                    Oslo, Norway

From Bangkok, Thailand

    Thank you very much for the newsletter.  Matayng nyawaa, si Salve iya gyung gi-dala sa Pattaya Beach Resort kay iyang ipabasa ni Janette (Oracion) iyang daughter who is a house singer in one of the 5-star hotels here.
    Uy, Brad, ning-ingon pud diay to si Bay Rene Anfone (your former classmate and now among the best-known personalities here in Bangkok's
entertainment world), ug taga-an la'g visa ning akong mga apo, unya pletehan sa Tanjay Association dalang libreng hotel and pocket money, mo-attend gyud  ta sa Tanjay pyesta sa America kada tuig.
    Seriously though, there are quite a number of Tananjyanons here in  Bangkok and its suburbs, and our ATN is really a "tambal sa kamingaw".
We would like to thank the Tanjayanons' unique love for life for this publication.

                   'Bay Pacing Cornelio
                    Bangkok, Thailand

From Tanjay, back home

    Inday Isid (Regalado-Pileo) gave me the ATN which Sally sent me thru Uncle Cente (Reyes).  It was a big hit in school. Sonia (Oracion-Sibala),
Dindin (Banogon-Bengoechea) and Sonia Violeta- Ignacio confessed that they devoured it cover-to- cover to the last dot.  Many of my co-teachers here at the elementary school took turns in reading it.  I don't know where that copy is now.
    Out there in the States, all of you look wonderful in the pictures and have remained so young through all these years.  Maybe, it's because you indeed are one big happy Tanjayanon family.  And the Newsletter is doing a wonderful job keeping the Tanjayanons there united and in touch.
    I hope Sally would send me again a copy of your next issue.

                Josephine Pinky Borromeo
                    Tanjay, Negros Oriental

  Brad, ato-ato ra ni, wala'y dautang hangin makadungog, I believe Tanjay is the only town in America (or maybe in the whole world) which has this kind of newsletter - free flowing and typifying the personality of its townspeople. We're proud of it.

                 Sonny Mercado
                    Alhambra,  Calif
From Al Moranas

    Frankly, I don't care about the Ang Tanjayanon Newsletter. I read it from cover to cover and, always, I get so frustrated.  It is so full of typos, misplaced modifiers and other errors.
    The editors should know that gerunds and linking verbs have different  functions in a syntax especially if you're using the subjunctive mood. 
Moreover, the rules of grammar dictate that antecedents should be placed proximate to the nouns they modify, to avoid confusing dangling adjectival phrases.  And, may God forgive you, on page 3 of the ATN Summer 1999 issue, newsletter was spelled with only one.  Oh, puleeeezh!
    You should be reminded to edit copy with thoroughness, care and concern for grammar.  Sometimes I suspect you don't exactly comprehend what the meaning of the word is is.

                     Al Moranas
                        Los Angeles, Calif

From Michigan

    Brad, I have always wanted to meet  Mr. Al Moranas.  You promised to introduce him to me during the Induction Ball last fiesta, but evidently everyone was so busy.  Was he the one in tuxedo with a gray cummerbund?  Or did he come in a heavily embroidered barong Tagalog? 
    Brad, is it possible to get his autograph? Or if not, at least give me Mr. Moranas' complete address, please?

                    Aida Samson
                        Southfield, MI
Thank You Note

      On behalf of the Limbaga Clan in Tanjay, I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to those who prayed, and in one way or another condoled, with us as we greived the passing away of my father, Jesus Limbaga, my brothers Balodoy and Mario, my cousins Dodo, Boy Dido and Bador.

Most sincerely,
Epion Limbaga
As we go to press . . .

. . . email from Jose Diaz informing us that his grandma, Maria A. Diaz, grand old lady of Tanjay, beloved matriarch of the Arnaiz and Diaz families, founder of the former East Negros Institute, a former member of the provincial board, a genuine Tanjayanon and a cheerful giver, passed away on Sept. 29. Inday Iyay was 93.

. . . four of our friends would like to serve the people of Tanjay as their Mayor:
                   Juvelo Napao
                   Atty. Rudy Navarro
                   Ex-Mayor Arturo Regalado
                   Incumbent Mayor Baltasar Salma

. . . elections are scheduled in May, 2001 mao nga gisugdan na kono'g ayo ang mga dalan sa Tanjay (ayaw'g katawa, Bay.)

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