Issue Num 14 (Pre-Fiesta 2000)                                        Page 5                                     ANG TANJAYANON NEWSLETTER

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Na, Mora'y Guidangat*!!!
      Letters, faxes, e-mail, phone calls, conversations....
*(This is a temporary title for this new column. Send us your suggestions. It should be a word or expression to which all of us can relate. Does not need to have sense - mga Tanjayanon gud ta, heh, heh! - Braddock Calumpang)
Lonely for the Tanjayanon

    It has been quite a while since I received a copy of the ATN (Ang Tanjayanon Newsletter - published when in the mood).  What's going on, guys?  You know, the next issue you'll come out with would  be too late for spring,  much much too late for winter, and very very late for fall.   If ever you decide to publish another issue, I suggest you call it the Tanjay Newslater.

                Basilia Ramirez
                via email
-  -  -  -  -

    We know the Ang Tanjayanon Newsletter is "published when in the mood".  Evidently, you have been "out of the mood" for a long, long time.  I suggest we change our banner to read:  "Ang Tanjayanon Newsletter: published ug mag-milagro!"
    Here's my check for the year 2000. (Now you have money to buy stamps, ha, ha, ha,)

                Lossiette Oracion
                Union City,  CA
(Mr Oracion, a retired colonel and a former  instructor at the Philippine Military Academy, is one of the advisers of the Tanjay Association, USA.) 
 -  -  -  -  -

    Sa mi-aging pila ka mga bulan, nagduda jud kong wala nako madawat ang atong newsletter kay siging gi-kawat sa among silingan  (mora juy iyang 
kawaton, wala'y lain).  Apan sayop diay ko kay 1) kining among silingan Amerikano cannot sabut da binisaya,  ug  2) wala pud diay newsletter.
    Ay, Ginoo ko ninyo!

                                                Pablito Manapol
                Washington, DC
(Ed's note:  Pablito, who was once rumored to be a bodyguard of Yassir Arafat (of course, it's not true), is one of the three Tanjayanons who have fully paid their membership dues up to the year 2005.  Yes, 2005.   'Blits, everybody is looking forward to seeing you during the 2000 Tanjay Fiesta celebration here in California. If  Air Force One is busy, please take a commercial flight.)
   -  -  -  -  -

Dissenting opinion

    So, you have stopped publication of the Tanjayanon Newsletter?  Good !!!  At last, you have come to your senses.   I've told you once before and I'm telling you again,  the money you spend for publishing it will be more beneficial if it is given to the poor people living in the slums of Manila or in the flood-ravaged places in  Mindanao.  At least you'll make some people 
    I read every issue of the newsletter and I always conclude that a stinking piece of crap like the Tanjay Newsletter is only good for wrapping 
fish, building a fire or to be used as a substitute for toilet paper. 

                Al Moranas
                Los Angeles, CA


Grateful for the Tanjayanon

    I'd like to thank you sincerely for the Ang Tanjayanon Newsletter.  It is a tie that shall bind us together - you who have been designed by Fate to seek fortune in foreign lands, and us back here whom you have left behind.  Inspite of fame and fortune, you have remained loyal and give honor to this place you once called home.  And this makes us happy and proud, especially those who are now in the twilight years of their lives.
    The cover of the Souvenir Program depicting the golden years of Tanjay, and designed by Ramon Señeris Gil, grandson of the late Judge Ramon Señeris and Feling Banogon Señeris, was nostalgically wonderful.  I could recall myself as one of those in the crowd going to Farmacia San Rafael to buy APC (the most popular fever medicine at that time), Cafe Aspirina or mercurochrome (which now is no longer available.)  There we were met by a smiling Rosa, who was kindly instructed by Mrs. Señeris to give her friends credit when their cash was low.  And many a time I was one of those.
    So much for the reminiscence which makes my old eyes water and my sentimental heart cry a little.  As I close, let me share these quotes with my fellow Tanjayanons out there in foreign lands, as a reminder for them never to be discouraged but  to stand up again and fight everytime they fall:

    "None but a coward
    Dares to boast
    That he has never known fear."

                Very sincerely,
                Brad Dodo
(Brad Dodo, Mr Mariano C. Real, was one of our teachers during our elementary 
school years.  A clean-cut good-looking  type of religious person, he was a role model and was known for the way he generously imparted lasting words of wisdom and inspiration to his classes.)  

Mga Tanjayanon, salamat

    Sa tibo-ok kong kasing-kasing, nagpasalamat ako sa Tanjay Association sa hinabang nga inyong gipadala kanako gumikan sa wala damhang kamatayon sa akong bana, nga si Cesar "Butchok" S. Romero.
    Ang inyong tabang nakalu-ag ug daku uyamut sa among kalisud sa takna sa among pagbangutan.
    Gi-ampo ko sa Kahitas-an nga Iya kamong hatagan ug maayong mga panglawas ug tultolan Niya kamo sa maayong dalan nianang inyong pagpanimpalad diha sa halayong dapit. 
    Abut sa langit ang akong pagpasalamt.

                Melinda B. Romero
                Tanjay, Negros Or.