Issue Num 14 (Pre-Fiesta, 2000)                                       Published when in the mood by TANJAY ASSOCIATION, USA

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     SAN MARINO, Calif - Highlighting this year's celebration of the Tanjay 
USA Fiesta, 2000 is the Inaugural Dinner and Ball to be held at the plush Hilton Hotel in Pasadena. This was announced by Marlene Zerna-Robertson, incoming President of the Tanjay Association, USA.  "Aside from an open bar, we have also contracted two live bands and ten good-looking DI's.  In that 
way, dancing will be Non- stop," she smiled knowing how much Tanjayanons love 
to dance. "Tan-awon ta'g kinsa'y mo-surrender: the bands, the bar or the 
Tanjayanons," she added jokingly. 
      And how about the scores, or even hundreds, of out of town guests who  are expected? "We are prepared for them.  Our own private facilities alone can accommodate fifteen families, plus we have a lot of hotels around," said Marlene who is also CEO and President of   her Pasadena-based MZR Group of  Companies.

3-day event

       Additionally, in a meeting presided over jointly by vice presidents Tita Cusio-Gorospe and Reynold Reyes, it was decided that this year's fiesta 
celebration will again be a 3-day affair.  "With Tanjayanons coming from all 
over, some of them from Canada and possibly from the Philippines, a three-day 
celebration would be just right to renew our ties and make up for lost time," explained Ms Gorospe.
     "Affairs like these are bonding times," joined in Rey. "We'd like all  Tanjayanons, young and old, to come together not only to reminisce of the bygone days, but to build memories for the future". Rey and Board Member 
Marivic Buquiran, represent the younger set of Tanjayanons in the USA and 

TANJAY USA 2000 RECEPTION COMMITTEE members, chosen for their poise, intelligence and youthfulness (pwera buyag, intawon): Mattie Zerna, Quirining Navarro, Fern Teves, Nene Velarde, Alice Flores, Paraluman Zerna, Mia Thompson, Hati Zerna and Tita Cusio.  (Committee is co-chaired by Braddock and Badingding, chosen for criteria other than the above).
Ang manganhi 

     Way labut sa  200-kapin nga  members and friends of the Tanjay Association, USA dinhi sa Southern California, there are those from out-of- staters who are expected to come.  "There's quite a number of them" quipped Sally de la Cruz, Association  Treasurer.  "This wil be fun, fun, fun and BIG, BIG, BIG".
    As of press time, ang mga gi-expect nga manganhi are: Inday Rue (Limbaga-Sibala)coming from Oklahoma, Pablito Manapol from Washington, DC (basin kono'g dili busy ang Air Force One), Elpi & Myrna Culi from Canada, Pete & Linda Orcullo,Chuck and Eda Gotardo from Illinois, 

Boy & Dorie Cariño from Michigan, Eddie & Gorie Mercado, Nene & Linda Señeris and Nestor & Lidy Colina, from Florida, Ed & Grace Banogon from Texas, Delpha Gomez-Dumaran from Pennsylvania, Jessie Samson, Aida, Roro and husband Dennis Espinas from Ohio, Dodo Señeris from New Jersey,  Boy Charing, Landy Borromeo from New York, Hector Fernandez, Mario Mercader, from Kansas.  Also invited are Nilo and Prescy Tam, Evelyn Oracion-Ong, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and the officers and members of our sister organization, Tanjay Association of Metro Manila.


Newly reorganized TANJAY ASSOCIATION, METRO MANILA, headed by its president, 
Elwyn Borromeo held a Christmas Affair at the auspiciously beautiful residence of Mr and Mrs Manny Hilado.  Enjoying each others company and the unique Tanjayanon jokes are the GT's and their families:  Nonoy Cañaveral, Boy Cusio, Boy and Emmalyn Banogon, Frankie Sevilla, Ferdie Sevilla, Nick Baco, Nick Gayo, Jun Balbuena, Jun and Rose Balbuena, Oscar Madamba, Vincent 
Sevilla and Dr Rene Gayo.  (Photo courtesy of Marlin Borromeo)