Issue Num 13 (Summer, 1999)                                      Page 7                                     ANG TANJAYANON NEWSLETTER

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Tanjay, Negros Oriental - The ENI Class of 1953 celebrated their Sapphire Anniversary with a grand re-union dinner and dance held at the Tia Taning's Hometown Buffet.  Sponsored by Drs Jesse Samson and Boy Cariño, it was a "star-studded" affair attended by classmates, among them: Mons Andy Aguilar, Atty Mike Lopez and wife Fe, Dr Rose Ybañez, Madlin Silva, Estrella Mirasol, Romula Barot, Sam Erum, Geraldine Erum, Salve Cornelio, Placido Aguilar, Sosing Nabua, Frank Miraflor, Gloria Tam, Eddie Alcantara and wife Carmelita, Nick Mira, Lilia Zerna, Gloria Calumpang, Elisa Reyes, and of course, Jessie and Boy. (Photo courtesy of Mrs Madlin Silva-Ubalde.)
Tanjay, Negros Oriental - Tio Kikong Mercado, seated center, beloved patriarch of the Mercados in Tanjay, took "the fatted calf and killed it to celebrate" the visit of a kin "who made good."  Honored were USAF Col. Dr. Gualbert M. Sanchez, extreme right, and his wife, Anna Pandula (also a colonel and a doctor), standing behind Tio Kikong.  Gualbert's mom is the former Tia Vivang Mercado, pretty sister of Tio Edok and Tio Jesus Mercado. Also in photo are: Ixtos Mercado and wife Regelia Buquiran, Simo Zerna and wife Greg Mercado, Hector and Coring Borromeo, Linda Mira, Tomasita Mira, Tito Concepcion,   (Sorry.  This picture is so full of refreshingly very beautiful girls that we regret not being able to identify all of them.) 
Wala na'y makahinumdum ug ngano tong ga-tapok mi.  Nagtindog (l to r): Atty Paul Aquino, Nene Muñoz Velarde, Badingding Señeris-Gil, Mia Ayala, Perla Manapol, Marlene Zerna-Robertson, Alice Flores Calumpang, Lu Zerna-Colgrove, two German guests, Meding Romero, another German guest, George Romero ug si Jimmy Zerna.  Atubangan: Danny Gil, Carmelita Romero ug Marianne Allera-Fayssoux. (Standing behind with glasses is Braddock, pretending to be a German!)