Issue Num 13 (Summer, 1999)                                      Page 5                                   ANG TANJAYANON NEWSLETTER


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Na, Mora'y Guidangat*!!!
      Letters, faxes, e-mail, phone calls, conversations....
*(This is a temporary title for this new column. Send us your suggestions. It should be a word or expression to which all of us can relate. Does not need to have sense - mga Tanjayanon gud ta, heh, heh! - Braddock Calumpang)
Attn: Iking

        I was surfing the Internet and unsa man nang buanga nakita man nako ang  website Tanjay.   Akong gui-basa ang inyong newsletter, ug, haskang enjoya nako.  Bisaya man gud ko,
dugay na diri, ug gui-hidlaw na ko sa mga sugilanon ug pasi-aw nga binisaya.   Bilyako man
diay sab mong mga taga-Tanjay!  Mao sab na'y akong ganahan!  Ah, basta nahurot gud nako'g basa ang tanang issues nga na-a sa Internet.  Makahimo-ut gyud!
        Apan nalibug ko: ha-in man ning Tanjay?  Di ba na-a man na sa Rizal province?
Pasaylo-a, apan pwerte gud nakong bogo-a sa history.

        The Tanjay website is maintained by Iking Cariño.  I will refer you to him. Makatabang
na siya nimo sa imong problema sa History kay engineer man ni siya.  (Unya kuan diay, Conchita, ' day,  ug ni-a ra ka magpuyo diri dapit sa California, mamyesta unya ta karong
Hulyo diri sa L.A.  Tambong unya kay moanhi ra ba kono si Iking.)

 Notes from back home

        Brad, I just read my first issue of the Ang Tanjayanon Newsletter (Issue #12) and I was impressed beyond words. It makes one  proud of the Tanjayanons out there who as a group
unselfishly share their time and resources to come up with a  very enlightening and entertaining newsletter.
        Thru the Ang Tanjayanon, I would like to greet our townsmen whom I have missed for so many years: my compadre Berto Tabaloc; Rufo AgirItang and Cresing Real, Polding Culi, Rufino Girasol, Cente Gaso, my cousins: Paulita and Eyen Salva; Temiong and Ita Cusio, my former neighbors: the Manapols; the Señerises; Pacing Cornelioand many others.
        Finally, thank you very much for the Ang Tanjayanon.  Rest assured, Brad, that I will keep this precious copy close to my heart. 
                                Brad Dodo Real
                                       Tanjay, Neg. Oriental
        Brad Dodo (Mr Marciano C.) Real is a retired educator.  During his time, he was among the most elusive, most eligible and therefore most  sought- after bachelor in Tanjay (until he met my cousin Lydia Valencia.)   Brad Dodo, thanks  for writing. 

*  *  *  *  *  * 

        I'd like to thank you for the Ang Tanjayanon.   It's format, style and contents are very  "naturally" Tanjayanon.  It is indeed a newsletter the Tanjayanons all over the world can call "our very own."    And yes,  we had fun reading it.  Salamat. 
                                Prescy Barot-Almacen
                                Tanjay, Neg. Oriental
        We remember Prescy as that young eauty-and- brains scion of the famous Don Atilano Villegas clan.   A very  graceful ballroom dancer and happily married, she is now a most able administrator of the family farm. 


An Open Letter To Tanjayanons
(Note: Edited for brevity)
         Tanjayanons, it is said, are "uniquely funny",  but that is not funny anymore! Listen to this, Brad:

1.  Several issues ago, Ms Irene Kenneth (from Plymouth, Australia) wrote to belittle Tanjay as a small town with nothing worthwhile to see, with dilapidated buildings, with people who go around in flip-flops and which stupidly celebrates  Christmas the whole year.   Who came out to defend Tanjay?  A Tanjayanon? No, sir.   Thanks to Mr. Harold Anderson (obviously an American) who defended Tanjay and refuted Kenneth point by point.  Where were the so-called genuine Tanjayanons who love Tanjay? 

2.  Everytime Mr (or is it Miss) Al Moranas comes out with his /her usual stinking diatribe against Tanjay,  who in turn comes out to spend time to really defend Tanjay?  A Tanjayanon? No, Sir!  It's usually non-Tanjayanons like lawyers  Mars Maxino and Danny Martinez who on separate occasions wrote lengthy letters to rebut this great and mighty self-righteous Al Moranas.  Where were the so-called genuine Tanjayanons who love Tanjay?
3.  In issue #12,  Ms Doreen Davies of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals wrote to complain against the horsefights in Tanjay calling it a "callous cruelty to animals . . . which brings shame to the whole Philippine nation . . .and should be outlawed in any humane, civilised society.."   The SPCA based in Hong Kong wants to abolish the horsefight in Tanjay. Has any Tanjayanon come out to take issue and defend this  time-honored respected traditon for which Tanjay has been known for? 

        Tanjay is a great town.  The least one can do is to defend and maintain the good name and the beautiful traditions of this beloved town.    Let us have the other intelligent and gifted Tanjayanons come out and share with us their God-given talents.  But where are they?

                        (Name withheld upon request)
                        Tanjay, Negros Oriental
Ma'am, we thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us. However, please know that: 
        1.  Mr Harold Anderson (of Lynwood, CA) is happily married to a Tanjayanon, the former
Asuncion Zosa (daughter of the former Tanjay Cheif of Police).  Harold  is among the so-called
"Tanjayanon by an act of God".  He is a genuine member of the Tanjay Association.
        2.  Mars Maxino and Danny Martinez are Tanjayanons, their maternal grandmothers both
come from Tanjay.  They are genuine members of the Tanjay Association, USA.
        3.  The  delicate matter of SPCA, Hong Kong requesting the abolition of the famous Tanjay "Pa-away sa Kabayo" has been  endorsed by us to all concerned Tanjayanons thru the Officers of the Tanjay Association USA.    The endorsement was officially shown with the SPCA letter on page 2 of the ATN Autumn issue published in September, 1998.  To date, sadly enough, no Tanjayanon has come up to defend this famous noble tradition.  (Ma'am, sometimes I have to agree with you!)