Issue Num 13 (Summer, 1999)                                       Published when in the mood by TANJAY ASSOCIATION, USA


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Tanjayanons Gear Up for Fiesta '99!
3-day Affair Slated in US
        All systems go now for the 1999 Tanjay USA Annual Fiesta Celebration.  This was the consensus of all the officers of the Tanjay Association, USA during their meeting held earlier this month at the Tanjay Headquarters (a.k.a. Danny and Badingding's residence at Artesia.)
        In an interview with Fern Teves-Cruz, president of the Association, she said that this year's Tanjay USA Fiesta celebration will once again be a three-day affair with all the usual Tanjayanon "fumf and sflendor". 
      "Maayo gyud ng tolo ka adlaw kay mao man na'y atong na-aandan, bisan tong sa mga gagmay pa ta, di ba?" remarked Tita  Cusio- Gorospe, vice- president, as if to justify the Tanjayanon's love for life.
      "Mora's dyapon ni sa una" wisecracked Precy Torres- Laxina, secretary of the Asso- ciation, "apan mas sadya ni karon kay daghang taga out- of-state nga manganhi." 
      "Maayo bitaw nang tolo ka adlaw aron matablaw jud nang atong mga bisita," chimed in the Treasurer, Mariane Allera- Fayssoux.
     So what's cooking- sinugbang-bakiking?
    Ana pang Viernes, July 23, magsugod na.  May informal get-together, mora ba'g ice- breaker, adto sa ilang Badingding.  Magbuntagay na'g estorya, pangatawa, kaon, kantahanay!  Unya sa Sabado, petsa 24, mao ang formal dinner and ball adto sa Anaheim.   Bayle gyud na nga "sinantiago'! Pagka-25 Domingo, adunay lakeside picnic sa Placentia.  Anhi tiwason ang estoryahanay,
        Unya pagka-Lunes, unsa man? 
        Aw, call-in-sick! 
*  *  *  *
Officers of the Tanjay Association, USA in a brain-wracking session take a much-needed break after discussing vital issues (such as, unsa may makawala'g kunot) and obliges for a picture. Clockwise, sitting: Fern Cruz, president; Alice Calumpang, auditor; Tita Gorospe, vice president; Quirining Sandiego, director; Marianita Fayssoux, Treasurer; and Badingding Gil, director. Standing, same order: Precy Laxina, Secretary; Lillian Zerna, director; Paulette Korn, director; Jimmy Zerna, director; Enrico Pilas, director; Nora Pilas, adviser; Jun Laxina, secretary's driver, Matchuy Cruz, president's driver, and Bert Sandiego, director's driver.
Hafarifi, as usual
        Tanjay, Neg Or -  If you're talking about Fiestas, Tanjay is the town to beat.  Ag sa Abril pa ngani, the Office of the Mayor already had its blue print on the kind of fiesta Tanjay will have in July. Then in early May,  we got a call from Ms Lulu Borromeo-Banogon informing us that Mayor Baltazar Salma had called on the civic- spirited true- blue  Tanjayanons to come up and volunteer and serve in various committees.  Then when he got positive responses, and everybody was enthused - that's when the exciting countdown for the Fiesta celebration in July began. Heading the Fiesta Directorate is Mr Nene Villegas with Mr Anton Villegas assisting him.  Mr Graciano (Balodoy) Banogon was named Treasurer while Lulu accepted the responsibility of Chairperson of the Finance (Ways and Means) Committee.
        It was anticipated that this year's celebration may be a little bit toned down because of the sorry state of the Tanjay treasury, yet Tanjayanons, proud as they are,  would not permit this year's fiesta  to be other than second to none.  And with the leadership of Mayor Salma and the cooperation of the Tanjayanons all over the world, this fiesta celebration, the last for this millennium, would once again be just that -  hafarifi!
*  *  *  *

Negros Oriental Association Holds Annual Picnic
        Valinda, CA - The Negros Oriental Association, USA will hold its annual picnic on Saturday, June 26, 1999 at the Santa Fe Dam in Azusa, this was announced by Zenaida Duran- Bennett, a Tanjayanon and President of the Negros Oriental Ass'n.  Expected to attend are about 300 Negrenses coming from all over California, and representing the  two cities and 26 towns of Negros Oriental.

*  *  *  * 
        Oxnard, CA - For the first time in over a century, the famous Villegas Clan of Tanjaybut of the province of Negros Oriental, will hold a grand reunion in July this year, this was learned from Edna Villegas, who is here in California for a visit.  Various activities are planned for  this literally once-in-a-lifetime affair, in their ancestral home in Tanjay.
        Reunionists will include the offsprings and descendants of Tanjay's legendary
brothers: Don Joaquin Villegas,  Don Pedro Villegas, Don Santiago Villegas, Don Atilano
Villegas and their only sister, Doña Ninang Villegas.  (We hope to get some pictures and
write-up of the affair for publication in the forthcoming issue.) 
                * * * *

   Inspired by the success of the 1997 Balik Tanjay, there will be a TANJAY 2000, a trip home
in time for the Holy Week in the year 2000.  This is intended for Tanjayanons who want to take
time off to appreciate life and assess and meditate his relationship between him and his God,
back where he was given the joy in his youth. More details are in the inside pages.

This issue comes to you compliments of the former neighbors
Pablito L. Manapol
Dr. Jose R. Samson, Jr.