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Na, Mora'y Guidangat * !!! 

        Letters, faxes, e-mail, phone calls, conversations...... 

*(This is a temporary title for this new column. Send us your suggestions. It should be a typical word or expression to which all of us can relate. Does not need to have sense - mga Tanjayanon, heh, heh!   -   Braddock Calumpang    BRADDOCK

From Mars

        I do not think there is any other association of Filipinos in this part of the world that is as active and cohesive as the Tanjay Association.  And you publish a uniquely superb and most entertaining newsletter, a genuine labor of love!   Congratulations to the Tanjayanons!

                                Mars Maxino
                                Tracy California
(Atty Mars Maxino, former president of Foundation University in Dumaguete, is a Senior Attorney of the Court of Appeal of the 6th Appelate District in San Jose, Calif.)
Suffer the little children . . .

        We take pride in the spirit of fraternity and loyalty of our fellow-Tanjayanons in America and Canada.  You have become the role models of our little children here at home.   With your inspiration, they shall also reach for the stars!    

                                Mrs. Monina C. Roa
                                Director, Alpha Kiddy School
                                Tanjay, Negros Or.
(in) Decent Proposal
        I have a suggestion:  Why don't you make your great newsletter province-wide?  In other words, instead of Tanjay alone, why don't you include the other towns and cities of our province?  I'm sure the other organizations would welcome this as it would unite all these organizations with a common newsletter.  And, from your view point, here are the advantages:
        1.  You will have a broader base of readership.
        2.  You will have more varied contributions of jokes, anecdotes, news tidbits and general info.
        3.  And as far as costs and expenses are concerned,  I'm sure the other organizations will gladly  pitch in some  amount to help you out.
        With this set-up,  you may now come out more often, perhaps, monthly.  Then maybe you can change the name to Ang Negrense, or Negros Oriental Times.  Of course, we leave that to your ingenious minds, provided it is approved by the other organizations.  Best regards,
                                Rene D. Sarmiento
                                Chicago, Illinois       
Mr. Harold Anderson
        This is in response to Ms. Irene W. Kenneth of Ply-mouth, in Australia.  In her letter (see Issue #11) she agreed with Mr. Al Moranas to ask despairingly what is in Tanjay that the Tanjayanons could be proud of. Nothing exciting and worthwhile to see there, she said.  Tanjay's market is dilapidated, people go around in flip-flops, and even in the Holy Week, it's Merry Christmas in Tanjay.!?!
        Ms. Kenneth, I don't think you have ever been in Tanjay.  Tanjay is an exciting place.  Every Friday night there is dancing in the town square.  There are four signal lights in major thoroughfares.  It has the tallest Christmas Tree in the Philippines (maybe in the whole world.) with a permit status year round.  (They have Good Fridays in Paris, France too, but the French do not take down the Eiffel Tower every time the season changes, do they?)
        Ms. Kenneth, do not rush to judgment.  Seeing one person wearing flip-flops does not mean people there don't have shoes.  Tanjay ladies are up-to-date in fashion and wear the latest styles.  Also, I was at the market with my wife, and I noticed the fine condition of the market.  It was clean with a lot of fresh fish and produce.

                        Harold Anderson
                        Lynwood, Calif
(Mr. Anderson is a businessman:  well-travelled, young and good-looking. He is happily married to a Tanjayanon, the former Asuncion Zosa, (daughter of the former Tanjay Chief of Police) with whom they have a son, a fine, young, smart lad who might as well someday be the Mayor of Tanjay).
From Al Moranas, with  love . . . 
        The Tanjayanons had a 3-day fiesta affair.  Big deal!  When shall we learn?  You spent a lot of time and energy and money in preparing for it.  Tanjayanons came from as far as New York, New Jersey and Canada - for
what?  Just to rendezvous with other Tanjayanons!  Ha!
        I've said this before, and I'll say it again:  The money you spend for your affairs (new dresses, hair-do's, greasy foods, dances, etc) could have been saved and put to better use. You could send it to the Philippines and help poverty-stricken people in the slum areas of Manila and elsewhere.  Tanjayanons (supposed to be smart and caring Christians) should know better.
                                    Al Moranas
                                    Los Angeles, Calif
* * * * *

        Who is this guy, Al Moranas?  Why doesn't this self-righteous, self-proclaimed moral crusader come out in the open instead of hide in that pseudonym that stinks?  Please give us his complete address and telephone number.

                                        Losiette Oracion
                                      San Francisco,  Calif
Mr. Oracion, a retired colonel of the AFP, was a former instructor of the Philippine Military Academy.  He is an adviser of the Tanjay Association, USA.
* * * * *

        Re: this Al Moranas character,  I believe the most apt and precise comments I've read about him in past issues were made by two Tanjayanon nurses:
Precy Torres-Laxina: Kana si Al Moranas, haral ng daku!
Polly Salva-Korn: Ug si Al Moranas ma-adto na sa ato, maku latahan gyud na siya'g dili oras sa tyangge.

                                Andrews M. Calumpang
                                Tanjay, Negros Oriental
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