Vol 1, Num 9 (Aug-Oct, 1997)                            Published by TANJAY ASSOCIATION, USA



   Our apologies to one and all for the long hiatus! Wala pa ‘mi ma-uli-i from the after-epeks of our Balik-Tanjay adventure. Mora’g na-balaw jud mi tanan sa mga experiences nga dili ma-describe in full in words. To those of you who did not join the Balik-Tanjay, all we can say is, "You had to be there to know what we’re talking about!" Ma-o ni’y gi-tawag ug "Chicken Soup for the Soul!"

       Na-wad-an pud mi ug ganang mag-tapok-tapok karon dire sa Southern California - hangtud karon, wala pa’y Officers’ Meeting harong mag-hand-over to the new officers....So, before we pa-ibog about our fabulous Tanjay Fiesta experiences, let’s talk business usa....


During our Annual Fiesta Picnic held at Cerritos Regional Park on July 15, we elected the new set of officers. Medyo sophisticated ang election procedure this time (dili pareho two years ago when all we did was write names on the blackboard while everyone was playing mahjongg or eating or chismis-ing - dayong someone announced, "O, ma-o na ni’y atong mga officers!" - followed by the obligatory picture-taking!) We even had printed ballots (listing the names of the "presidentiables" and other "officersiables) which were distributed to everyone. Gi-tally ang mga botos, and the top 10 vote-getters were declared the winners. And din, these top-10 had a special meeting to select the officers - gi-suhid ang "electoral college" - although ang results mora hino-on ug "electoral kindergarten," labi na kay ag ilang bag-ong


Balik-Tanjanons marching in the rain-

Haaala mo! Sige gyud, bisa’g ga-ulan apil-apil pa jud sa Parade: Menchu Diago, Boyen Adham, Estela Navarro, Dr Richard Fayssoux, Lilian Girasol, Tahum Zerna, Hati Colgrove, Mark Sandiego, Jimmy Zerna, Marlene Zerna-Robertson, and Braddock. The delegation was later on joined in by Mayor Arturo and Braddock. The delegation was later on joined in by Mayor Arturo Regalado, Councilmen Domingo Romero and Lawrence Teves, Fern Ann Teves-Cruz, Liling Diago-Lao, Marian Allera-Fayssoux, and the Orcullo’s: Pete, Linda, Michael and Cindy, who brought a lot of Tylenols. (Photo courtesy of Estella Navarro)


Fresh-from-the-Punong reception

Councilman Tony D. Calumpang with sisters Salome C. Pastor and Amay C. Guath, tendered a special fresh-from-the-Punong reception at their fishpond for balik-Tanjyanons. Among those in photo posing calmly before the pantats, alimangos, binakhaws, imbaws, etc. are Elpi Culi, Alice Calumpang, Salome, Braddock, Tony, Joey Gil, Marlene Robertson, Linda M. Orcullo, Badingding, Sandra L. Señeris, Myrna B. Culi, Danny, Cindy Orcullo, Amay, Pete Orcullo, George Romero and Alfred Guath. Not in photo are the Navarro sisters, the Fernandos and the Regalados.
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