Vol 1, Num 8 (Apr-Jul, 1997)                                       Published by TANJAY ASSOCIATION, USA


(69 unta pero Falang wanted to make sure our Newsletter headline wasn't smutty looking,
so . . mo-apil siya sa Balik-Tanjay trip, to round it up to 70.) See page 2 for the latest roster.
July 18 (Friday)         Leave LAX for MNL/CEB.
July 20 (Sunday)      Arrive CEB - Arrive Tanjay Drop Point municipal hall.  Brief                                 Welcome Ceremonies. 7:30 pm - Dinner at Hotel (By reservations                                 only.  Contact Jimmy Zerna)
July 21 (Mon)           Free Day (with relatives, friends, etc).
July 22 (Tue)            a) Briefings/Sightseeings (Courtesy, Office of the  Mayor). Fern                                 Teves-Cruz,  Liaison & Coordinator.
                                 b) Ballroom Dance Lessons (Optional catered dinner by                                 reservation). Quirining San Diego and Douglas  Lopez,                                 in-charge.
July 23 (Wed)          a) A tryst with Nene & Salome Calumpang-Pastor.
                                b) Dance - "Balik-Tanjayanon Night", (Courtesy,
                                 Office of the Mayor), Ms.  Marlene  Zerna-Robertson,
July 24 (Thu)            a) Fiesta Parade - Balik-Tanjayanons led by
(VESPERAS)         Tia Rinngy and Badingding will join the Parade,                                 (Perla Manapol, majorette). Please wear your                                  souvenir T-shirts. We'll have a big banner and a good                                  time. Bring your cameras and videos.)
 b) "Vesperas Dinner at Badingding's House."
                                c) Dance - Fiesta Auditorium
                                a) Horse Fights, Derby - Cock Fights, etc.
                                b) "Sinulog" (Special presentation for Tanjayanons in                                      front of Hotel).
                                c) Lunch and Dinner (Courtesy of Tia Taning                                     Navarro and family).
                                d) Dance - Fiesta Auditorium
July 26 (Sat)            Picnic - pangaligo sa dagat, pahayahay.
July 27 (Sun)           Free Day/Day or Worship.
July 28 (Mon)          Medical Mission* - Rotarian Dr. Vicente Batiancilla,                                    in-charge.
                               Distribution of Goodies - Tanjay Association USA ladies.                                Distribution of Used Clothing - Estela Navarro, in-charge.                                Dinner with the Rotary Club of Tanjay - Dr. Momoy                                  Regalado, liaison.
           * Tentative
Notes: a) Please bring one or two formal dresses.
           b) We have other invitations/activities lined up depending on our                availability and time.
           c) Submit your contact phone numbers in Tanjay as soon as possible
              to Braddock at nerve center (Hotel de Tanjay Rm 12).
           d ) Souvenir T-Shirts will be available by July 12, 1997, Please
              contact Anesio Piñero.
           e) Masahistas, manicuristas, pedicuristas, DI's available. Contact our               nerve center.
The List of 10 excuses that we gave our employers so we can take two weeks off from work:
1. "Ga-mud-ok ko ug usa ka semana sa opis. Da, ning-sugot lagi!"
2. "Sir, may kaso ko sa korte sa Asagra kabahin as akong yuta; kinahanglan tu-a ko....." (Ag yuta diay tu-a sa masetera!)
3. "Ma'am, namatay ag akong Lola!" (Maayo gani kay wala mangutana ug kanus-a namatay si Lola, kay ag sa 1975 pa man 'to!)
4. "Sir, mamatay (future tense) ang akong Lola during the week of July 21-28. Kinahanglan tu-a ko sa iyang deathbed kay unya dili ko maka-inherit sa punong!" (Lola, pasaylo-a jud ko intawon nga akong gi-predict ug kanus-a ka mamatay; ug dili mahinayon, okey lang, mokumpisal ra ko...)
5. "Ma'am, my cardiologist wants me to take a stress test in the heat and humidity of my hometown, because that is the only accurate way to measure my heart capacity!" (Kadtong cardiologist siguro na-hagbong 'to sa board exams!)
6. "Sir, I have been asked to be the commencement speaker at Tabuc University in my hometown!" (Maayo gani kay wala maka-hibalo ang boss ug unsa ang school calendar nato!)
FLASH: For those Tanjayanons who are not going to attend the Fiesta in Tanjay, we are having a DESPEDIDA PICNIC, PARTY and ELECTIONS on Saturday, July 12, 1997. See page 9 for details. See you all there.
HONOR ROLL (See page 3)
1. Zenaida Duran-Bennett
2. Braddock & Alice Calumpang
3. Iking Cariño
4. Matchuy & Fern Ann Cruz
5. Nene Velarde Dingcong
6. Diosa Cornelio-Flores
7. Vicente & Nimfa Garces
8. Danny & Badingding Gil
9. Tita & Peping Gorospe
10. Rene & Linda Gutierrez
11. Mike & Juanito Jabagat
12. Sonny & Ching Mercado
13. Rey & Angie Real Oruga
14. Anesio & Jean Piñero
15. Enrico & Nora Pilas
16. Suzy Pinto
17. Aida Samson
18. Bert & Quirining San Diego
19. Gualbert Sanchez
20. Fidel & Linda Señeris
21. Madlin Silva
22. Tia Ringgy Teves
23. Willie Torres

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