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Issue Num 19                        Published when in the mood by the Tanjayanons in America                          Spring, 2005
Tanjayanons brace for a glorious 20th!
Fiesta Coordinating Council Formed
    With time and cash running short on them, Tanjayanons in this host area have now come to what they themselves term as  an “anxious excitement” over preparations for this year’s 20th Anniversary celebration of the Tanjay Association, USA.  However in a meeting,  of the Fiesta Coordinating Council held at the Placentia home of Peping and Tita Gorospe,  the duo prime movers Fern  Cruz and Quirining Sandiego assured the jittery Council that despite paucity of  time and funds,  everything was under control. 
     We will have the traditional 3-day affair, although this time, bonga! gyud ni ‘Day, they said.  “In fact, our Anniversary Ball will be at the swanky 300-capacity  International Ballroom of the  Pasadena Hilton.”   To everyone, it was a pleasing jaw-dropping revelation.

   “And, uy paminaw mo, ni-a pa gyud”, Quirining announced, “the Princess MZR has once again offered her entire 6-acre sprawling Bradbury Estate to Tanjayanons
(Cont’d on pg 9)

Breaking news . . .

Ssssh,  ato ra ni

       Ni-ay Amerkano diri nangita’g pangasaw-onon.  Gaplano ni siyang mo-uban nako karong Deciembre kay ang iyang na-type-an kanang  “kind of wife you’ve been telling me about.  Bu-ut ipasabut, kanang taga-ato sa Tanjay.
       Ako man gud ni siyang gi-ingnan  nga ang mga babaye sa ato sa Tanjay, mga alegre, sadya, edukada, areglada sa panimalay. “Our women,” ako gyung gi-pakatalan,, “are very pretty. They are comfortably proud of their femininity. The typical Tanjay woman is demure and deeply religious, affectionate, obedient  - and is  sensuously adoring and  very passionate, especially with the man she truly loves.”   

(Ayaw’g katawa ‘Bay,  cont’d on page 9 ,)

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Tanjay talks / You are special       Pg 2
Tambal Sa Kamingaw                     Pg 3
Na, Mora'y Gidangat                      Pg 4
Apo-stolic Missions                      Pg 5
Scrapbook (pictorial spread)         Pg 6
The Song and the Feedbacks       Pg 11
Editor's Choice (Best for Last)     Pg 12

Other News Highlights
Fr Jun-jun Q. Limbaga ordained a priest forver.   A great-grandson of one of Tanjay’s most loved and most respected priests,  Fr.  Carmelito Quinit Limbaga, Jr. received the sacred orders to the priesthood on November 3, 2004, significantly in the same church where his great-grandfather, Padre Baldomero Villareal,  presided over as the parish priest over a century ago.  Highest diocesan church dignitaries and top government officials joined the people of Tanjay as they rejoiced and  thanked the Lord for giving them another precious blessing.  (A research recently made and posted in the reveals that Tanjayanons have now  seen 16 of their beloved sons ordained to the priesthoo.  Let us pray that they remain faithful to their vows.)

La Residencia Tanjay inaugurated   Another landmark Tanjayanons could be very well proud of is the  new and much improved hotel de Tanjay.    Located in heart of the City overlooking the legendary Osmena Park, La Residencia Tanjay is owned and operated by Baby Villegas Hilado and winsome  wife, Olet G. Hilado of the Don Atilano fame.  The sparkling Residencia boasts of spacious air-conditioned rooms, European-style restaurant,  alluring party rooms, and other distinctive ambiences in reverential harmony and union with the oriental fengshui.  “Tanjayanos do not always have the best of everything, but we make the best of everything we have, any time” said Olet with a twinkle in her eye.

Tanjay Association claims honor for books published. With unabashed pride, members of the Association claimed “glory” and, as it were, “high-fived” themselves for the publication of  two among the most intriguing and extra-ordinarily significant books ever published  in recent years.   A Country Of Our Own…” written by multi-award-winning poet, author and patriot,  David C Martinez, and “Cases and Issues for Philippine Comparative Study” authored by the low-profile genius doctor of laws, Marcelino C. Maxino, have been receiving rave reviews and, ever since their publications, have been the talk of the Filipino communities all over the United States and Canada.  (Gi-angkon ug gipang-hambug sila sa mga Tanjayanon diri, kay Danny’s mom, Carmen Cabello, and Mars’ grandma, Petra de la Torre, hail from Tanjay, and both Danny and Mars are members of the Tanjay Association USA.  (Besides, wala na tingali’y makalupig sa ka-katalan ug ka-hambuguero i-ning mga taga-Tanjay!)

2005 Tanjay Fiesta
Coordinating Council Sannie Silva
Armi Gayo
Fern Teves
Quirining Navarro Sally de la Cruz
Tita Cusio
Nennette Cusio
Precy Torres 
Lu Zerna   
Marlene Zerna
Nennen Teves
Estela  Navarro
 Marivic Buquiran  Brendan Silva
Jonathan  Sibala
Wences Villaflores
     Jimmy Zerna
Lito Limbaga
Ricky Teves
Bert Sandiego
Braddock Calumpang

The Sinulog is a purely Tanjay tradition.  It is a religious devotional festive dance with a  mock battle depicting the war between the Moors and Christians centuries ago.  It is also based on the legend that St James (Sr Santiago, patron saint of Tanjay) miraculously aided the Christians by riding on a white horse from the heavens and slew hundreds of Moors.      (This caption of course  has nothing to do with the photo above which shows one-and-a-half- year old little Caleb Andrew Calumpang De Mesa  baby-sitting his very beloved albeit,  may pagka-buluyagon gamay grandpapang.)       
(See pg 5 for more Apostolic Missions.)

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