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   Na , Mora'y G uidangat*!!!
      Letters, faxes, e-mail, phone calls, conversations....
*(This is a temporary title for this new column. Send us your suggestions. It should be a word or expression to which all of us can relate. Does not need to have sense - mga Tanjayanon gud ta, heh, heh! - 

Dr. Alex Pal
The following is an excerpt from the column of Dr. Alex Pal in the Visayan Daily Star:
          Whenever I am pressed for time with deadlines, I am tempted to wish that my newspaper would adopt the slogan of the newsletter of the Tanjayanons in the USA.  This group has the Ang Tanjayanon Newsletter which is "published when in the mood".  Apparently the last time whey were in the mood was in July of last year because that was the last time they updated their website (  The stories which they feature are timeless....

(Ed's note:  The new website is and it has since been updated.  We feel honored and flattered that Dr. Pal took the time to read the ATN.)


Good Job!

On 11/21/03m, wrote: Good job!  The is my kind of website.  It amuses me and amazes me to think of the wealth of talent Tanjayanons have.  Special mention to the Editors and the Tanjayanons who write and send in their contributions making  this newsletter very entertaining and unique - perhaps the only one of its kind in the world!  (PS: What's this I hear that, lately, the editors have been in excellent mood?  Inspiration and love and more is in the air!  Tell us about it, especially the "love and more" portion (heh, heh, heh and ahem!)!!!

(Ed's also sent a bunch of one-sentence jokes, in the sylte of Bob Hope's one liners.  They are being published in this issue's Tambal sa Kamingaw section.  We thank him/her for it and appreciate the kind words for our website and the ATN. (PS:  Mr/Ms Saycon - most likely a Tanjayanon, - is by nature very tabi-an, very himantayon, and very tsismosa!  He'll/She'll make an ideal ATN correspondent!)


Your ATN, a waste of time-Al Moranas  
   Reading ATN is a waste of OUR time. You, too, you are wasting not only YOUR time, but also your effort and money publishing this pathetic and deplorable Tanjay Newsletter - a burlesque, cheap, dull, slapstick, boring compilation of works coming from Tanjayanon writers. The money you spend here would be put to better use if you send it to the Philippines to help the poor  homeless displaced people who roam and beg on the streets of some cities in Mindanao. I've given this advice to you more than a dozen times already. But, oh, you are a hopeless case.
Al Moranas          
Los Angeles, CA    
(Ed' Note:  Calling the Tanjay newsletter burlesque, cheap, dull, etc. - well, a rose by any other name still smells as sweet.  But Al Moranas by any other name ....!??)
Greetings from Denmark
  Hi Bradd: my friend, naka atats niani mao ang akong kinasingkasing nga greetings sa tanan mga taga ato sa Tanjay nga nagpoyo sa abroad ug sa atong mga kaigsoonan nga atua nangabelin didto sa atong beloved Tanjay. Hangyoon ko ikaw sa kinasing-kasing nga ang maong greetings ibutang sa Tanjay Newsletter # 18 nga uma-abot.
  Ako si Maria Cristina Pao Torres Lauridsen. Akoy gipanganak didto sa Opao Tugas, Tanjay, apan tungod sa tuyok sa ligid sa kapalaran ug pagbo-ut sa Kahitas-an, ako ani-a nahipadpad sa halayong dapit sa Denmark. Ang akong mga ginikanan mao sila si papa Venus Sulpecio Pilas Torres ug ni mama Luciana Baroy Pao Torres. Ang akong uyoan mao si tio Bador Pilas nga amahan ni Carmelita Menchu Pilas Medina anaa diha sa San Rafael, California. Ang uban pa nakong uyoan mao sila si Manong Lauriano Baroy Pao ang iyang asawa Inday Julieta Fabillar. Si Vicvic Vicente Pao ilang anak atua sa Brunei.
  Aduna akoy request nga espesyal: palihog pod pag mention sa atong pinalanggang Mr. Ricky Teves nga ako mangomosta niya maka daghan kaayo ka besis ug anha palihog isulat as a kuan ba PS. Unta akong gihandum gi-ampo ug gipanghina-ut nga siya si Ricky nagpuyo sa kalinaw ug nagmalipayon sa kanunay. Kanimo ako nagmapasalamaton always,
Ma Cristina Pao Torres-Laurdisen
Salbourough, Denmark

Tanjay Alternate International Airport
Braddie, kini'maoy maayong i-headline: I heard that the city of Tanjay will be the site of a new modem alternate international air port. My friend told me that he heard that Mactan Intematinal Air port sometimes cannot handle the air traffic, so some international flights should be diverted somewhere. Davao is too far, so, he heard, the choice is Tanjay. This will be constructed at the Lawton Beach fronting Southern Cebu.   So from the beachfront perpendicular to the Nono Limbaga Road (which will be expanded), the runway will go all the way to Polo for a distance of 6 kilometers.  My friend said that he heard that land reclamation will start as early as next year. My friend also heard from his other friend that he heard that the budget is $1 billion.  Braddie, this is a dream com true!!!
Sonny Mercado
Woodland Hills, CA
(Ed's Note: Sonny, I also heard about this from Pedro Ramirez the other time I was in Tanjay.  Also a Lady Barangay official there that she heard that the bordering area of Barrio Lomboy will be transformed into a modern metropolis, with funding from the United Arab Emirates.  When I mentioned this to Balodoy Banogon last January, he just laughed and said, "Dock, dinhi sa Tanjay, mao na'y ilang gi-ingon: sa chocolate pa na, "Hershseys"! Transilation: these are all hearsays.  "But who knows", he quickly added, "where ther's smoke, there's fire!")

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