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Issue Num 18 (Summer, 2004)                                          Published when in the mood by TANJAY ASSOCIATION, USA


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Tanjay's most elusive bachelor weds
RANCHO PALOS VERDES – Orlando G. Zerna (aka Bebe Zerna, Eric Jones, Pretty Boy), gave up his long held title as TanjayUSA’s Most Elusive Bachelor after a whirlwind courtship a week after Valentines Day when, in seeming bewilderment.  He exclaimed, I do? Oh, yeah, yeah. I do!” to Dr. Hygeia Bayer, a vivacious youthful former AFS scholar and now an OB-Gyn whose last practice was in Bahrain and the Sultanate of Brunei, in a well attended private wedding ceremony held at the 14-room sprawling mansion owned by his pretty sister and entrepreneur Lu Colgrove, who also happens to be the incoming President of Tanjay Association, USA.
        Originally intended to be an outdoor garden wedding, the formal ceremonial rites and reception had to be held indoors on account of heavy rains and thunderstorm (which led Jun Laxina to whisper to wife Precy, "Pusot-pusot gyud ning mga anak ini!" calling to mind an old Tanjay superstition of marrying during a  thunderstorm.)  And then when the lightning flashed followed by a loud clap of thunder, we overheard Armi Gayo remark, "Sus, ug maka-timing si Bebe, Superman
                           (Continued on page 9)

Ladlaran kada Viernes
One Friday last January, didto mi sa Ladlaran sa Tanjay.  It was market day sa ato.  Alegre kaayo.  The whole two blocks along Rizal Street from Hotel de Tanjay, all the way to the church, galaray gyud nang mga baligya: mga utanon, mga salag-on, mga frutas, sinanlag mani, linat-ang mani, kombo, botse, dinoldog, bibingka, bud-bud - all native stuff.  But then, startlingly, from the corner of Legaspi Street abut sa Park Cafe, la-in na pud - puro gyud na mga State side!  Multihued skirts, blouses, shirts, suits, also wedding gowns, wool jackets, movie costumes, even over-sized jockey shorts, were on display.  Mora'g Memorial Day Sale sa Bloomingdales or Macy's. (Well, here in this part of the commercial world, they have a term for that:  (ukay-ukay!)  (Continued on page 10)
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Tanjay's Most Elusive Bachelor
Blushing bride and nervous groom:  Mr and Mrs Orlando G Zerna(nee Dr Hygeia Bayer) swing and sway on their wedding day.  "I waited my whole life for a lady like this.  She is one in a million.  She came, she saw, and, mao na'y gina-ingon, the rest is  "herstory". (Katalana, taga Tanjay ra gyud.)
Honor Roll

Ms. Ma Cristina Torres-Lauridsen
Danny/Badingding Señeris Gil
Elpi/Myrna Banogon-Culi
Peping/Tita Cusio-Gorospe
Jimmy/Lilian Girasol-Zerna
Fred/Cynthia Ghent-Dael
Ebag/Sunny Silva-Gonzales

Alma per Sunny
Ms Sally Corsiga Delacruz
Ms Estela Navarro
Mrs. Louise Ghent-Benetic
Matsuy/Fern Teves-Cruz
Ms. Martha Ghent
Brendan/Babette Villarin-Silva
Leti Catacutan Jue
Dgyrrah Sinda-Sun
Al Moranas
Dolping/Charity Ubarbe-Sevilla
Winnie Alonso-LLamera
Silliman Alumni Ass'n of Southern California

  We are privileged to acknowledge their generosity and concern thru their donations to the just-launced Tanjay Mini-Library/Reading Center and Book Drive project.  The project is on-going, and donations of books and cash are most welcome.  For more information, please contact Ms Sally de la Cruz at (323) 227-8172.
    This Project is a brainchild of Councilor-elect Juvilo Napao and the members of the ENI Class of 1958.

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