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Issue Num 17 (Spring, 2003)                                          Published when in the mood by TANJAY ASSOCIATION, USA
Tanjay a city happy in love!
In love, Tanjay girls are happier (prettier, lovelier and, he, he, well, naughtier!): Sannie Silva, Tita Cusio, . . .
   In love, Tanjay girls are happier prettier, lovelier and he, he, well, naughtier!): Sannie Silva, Tita Cusio, Quirining Navarro, Mariles Pastor, Clarissa
   Girasol, Edna Tabaloc, Gigi Villahermosa, Marianne Allera,
Nene Velardy, Zoe Lynn Yuson, Kristine Yuson, Antonietta Aguilar.

Changing status

      The town of Tanjay officially became the City of Tanjay on April 1, 2001 amidst the usual penchant for argumentation and debate, Tanjay style.  So far, has cityhood been good for Tanjay?  Proponents led by Mayor Baltazar Salma say, “Yes,  it has been. We can now make use of the IRA (Internal Revenue Allotments) to fund the vital projects of this new city.”
      On the other hand, dissenters, led by  our very good friend Dodong Saga, sneer, “Ay, guini-i ko nila!  Himan-himan ni-ini,  they will raise three things:  property and business taxes, our cost of living  and the salaries of the new city officials.”
      Differing opinions notwithstanding, most  Tanjayanons do not seem to care.  They just want to continue being what they have always been.
      With all its faults,  Tanjayanons believe  that, whether a town or a city,  Tanjay, is still the best place to be.  Tanjay, the new city, is a happy city. It s a city in love. It is a happy city in love.  It is a city happy in love!  

Other Name changes

      If the youngsters in  Tanjay do not recognize the name of their dad’s alma mater, it is because the big private schools there have changed their names:          
      East Negros Institute (founded in 1947 by the late Mrs Maria A. Diaz ,
grand old lady  affectionately called Inday Iyay by the Tanjayanons, and former Provincial Board Member dubbed "ang garbo sa Tanjay") is now the DIAZ COLLEGES.
       Tanjay Institute (founded in 1952 by the illustrious Dr. Diosdado P. Villaflores, whose gift of tongue and concern for the poor but deserving students have earned for his school the praise and membership in international associations of colleges and universities) is now VILLAFLORES COLLEGES.
       Immaculate Heart Academy, the school with a noble mission to educate the  whole man (founded in 1957 by the Agustinian Sisters during the tenure of the late  Father Banjamin Hiponia) is now  'MAHKLIT 'AHRT KAHD’MY.  
(Okay, okay, just kidding,  but that is how our friend Ricky Teves pronounces the name of his alma mater.)

Cell phones nidagsang

       There is a proliferation of cell phones in Tanjay.  Most anywhere you look, you see them being used by young and old alike.  You see them in the streets, in  the buildings, in the corner, most of them texting.
      Said Lito Limbaga, former presi-dent of Tanjay Association USA, "Bisan gani ng mga tindera'g isda.  Gabugaw'g langaw sa usa ka kamot, unya ag usang kamot tu-asa dalunggan kay ga-cell phone".
"Maayo ra ngani na," quipped Peping Gorospe (Tita Cusio’s wonderful half). “Diha kono’y manangguete nananggot.   Dugay kaayo didto sa ta-as sa lubi – kay ga-text diay.  Iyang gi-textan ag iya ra pu’ng asawa, gaduyan sa ilang bata nga natulog”.

Association donates shed

       The two sister Tanjay Associations (USA and Metro Manila) jointly have donated a waiting shed located at the
corner of Magallanes and  Washington, kadtong moliko ka paingon sa Pamplona.
      According to project coordinator Armi Gayo-Cordeta, this will benefit the commuters using public transportation as it will protect them from the heat and the rain as they wait for a pedicab, a jeepney or a bus to take them to  Abogon, Azagra, Pamplona or to Jones in  Santa Agueda.
       Jimmy Zerna, President of Tanjay Association, USA and Elwyn Borromeo, President of Tanjay Association, Metro Manila, thank the members of their respective chapters for their support and cooperation.  Likewise, expressions of thanks are in order to Mayor Baltazar Salma for facilitating completion and architects  Amay and Lorna Gayo-Ybañez who have donated their professional services to this project.


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