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Na, Mora'y Guidangat * !!! 

        Letters, faxes, e-mail, phone calls, conversations...... 

*(This is a temporary title for this new column. Send us your suggestions. It should be a typical word or expression to which all of us can relate. Does not need to have sense - mga Tanjayanon, heh, heh!   -   Braddock Calumpang    BRADDOCK

Sari reads ATN

The Ang Tanjayanon Newsletter brought chuckles to us here.  It's  a unique publication with each issue a collector's item.  It's annuit coeptis indeed. 

                Ms. Sari Saavedra
                Dumaguete City 
. . . and Pepe, too?

       'Dock, ba'ing lami-a nang atong Ang Tanjayanon - makalingaw gyud.  I'd  rather spend my time reading it than our local newspapers  here which talks only of  government corruption, currency crises, droughts and other depressing news.   
       Suggestion:  I think it would also be fitting for our ATN to have a section wherein we feature some Tanjayanons who in their lifetime have excelled in their calling.  Two who come to my mind are Peping Romero (former Philippine ambassador to the Court of St James, England) and 'Bay Zoe R. Lopez (one of the most famous violinists in the Philippines). 

                Pepe Tiongson
                Tanjay, Negros Oriental
       Pepe (Atty Jose V.) Tiongson is a  law professor, a very fine writer and a well-known talented pianist.  But most of all, Pepe is known to be a good man. 
Tanjayanons, kind and generous

       Sincere greetings to you.  I enjoy the ATN very much.  It is like being with my friends who are Tanjayanons.  They are always happy, kind and most of all very generous.   
      I want to order a copy of your book Tall Tales from Tanjay.  I hope it's not expensive and you don't charge me a lot. Please give me a discount.  Instead of mailing, just phone me and I can pick it up so you will not charge me for shipping and handling costs.  Please call me as soon as possible. Okay? 

                Martha  S. Ventura
                West Covina, Calif
       Martha, Martha, thou art overly concerned with the cares of this material world.  Verily, 
verily I say unto you:  thou shalt have a copy of the book for free delivered to thy home. (Yes, Martha ,  Tanjayanons are kind and generous and dali ra nimong  owaton!) 
Tanjayanons, insensitive,  callous

       I read with utter disbelief the latest issue of your newsletter.   
       You headlined: Tanjayanons face difficult year ahead. If this is a fact, and  indeed you know it is,  how can you be so callous and so insensitive to the plight of your fellow Tanjayanons?  I thought you had  affection and empathy,  but no,  the newsletter went on with its tasteless, off-color jokes,  silly anecdotes and ridiculous letters.     
       Truth to tell, in a quid pro quo basis, reading  your  ATN is a shameful waste of time. Instead of publishing it with all its costs and expenses, it would be better if you just send the money to the Philippines  to help our poverty-stricken people. 

                Al Moranas
                Los Angeles, Calif

          Brad, kana si Al Moranas, haral nang daku! 

                Precy Torres-Laxina
                Norwalk, Calif

          Si Al Moranas ug moadto na sa ato, makulatahan gyud na'g dili oras! 

                Polly Salva-Korn
                Los Angeles, Calif

          This is for Al Moranas: 
          If this is your real name, ignore all criticism and be proud of it: a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.  If, however, you're hiding behind that pen name, that's a shame: Al Moranas by any other name would smell etc., etc., etc.  
          You characterize the ATN's humor as being "cheap, tasteless, slapstick, witless and dry?" I'll defend your right to your opinion especially when you have valid points to make, but you have to agree that this observation is relative.  The question is, "From whose point of view?"  Having travelled a bit, I assure you that concepts of humor vary widely from one society to another. 
          I can sense from your letter that you have concerns that transcend ATN's current choice of 
topics. I suggest you write them down and submit them to the editors.  That's the way to "do a little good", to quote you.  
          Sure, ATN can stand some improvement (few things in this world approach perfection), but 
personally I am grateful that a large number of Tanjayanons care enough for their town and origins to maintain their organization and ATN as a powerful means of preserving and promoting their unique identity. I was in our country last year and believe it or not, I saw xerox copies of ATN.   It should then please the editorial staff  to know that ATN's circulation is much bigger than 
they think. 

                David C. Martinez
                Los Angeles,  Calif
(Danny is a among the most respected writers  of the Philippines.  Among his latest distinctions are the  1997 Palanca Award (First Prize) for short story, and another special Palanca Award (Second Prize) for poetry. We are conscious that our  editing of his very well-written letter due to space limitation may be  amateurish (for which we ask for consideration and understanding.)  We are proud to say though, that his mom, Mrs. Carmen Cabello-Martinez, is a genuine Tanjayanon.)  
Faxed from Australia . . .

The Editors 
Ang Tanjayanon Newsletter 

Dear Sirs: 

        I came across an item in your July issue written by a certain Al Moranas asking what's in your town of Tanjay that makes it interesting and for you guys to be proud of?  
        I feel Mr (or Ms) Moranas is right in asking such a question.  May I note that in one of my Southest Asian tours gathering materials for a dissertation, I happened to have stopped over in that very small town of Tanjay, and really there never was a thing that impressed me.   The market buildings were dilapidated with topsy-turvy and shabby stalls.  People were seen going around in rubber flip-flops and seemed to be speaking with a distinctive curled tongue.     
        I was incidentally in Tanjay on April 9 (Good Friday), and I just couldn't understand my feelings.  It was a day of retreat and repentance of sins but outside it was Christmas!!! 
Thanks and good day. 

                Irene W. Kenneth
                Plymouth,  Australia 
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