Vol 1, Num 11 (Apr - Jun 1998)                           Published by TANJAY ASSOCIATION, USA
Uy, mamyesta 'nya ta ninyo, ha?  

         This year's Tanjay Fiesta will be a 3-day celebration,  this was jointly announced by Badingding Señeris-Gil and Fern Ann Teves-Cruz, outgoing and incoming presidents, respectively, of the Tanjay Association, USA and over-all co-chairpersons.  
        "Maayo gyud ng tolo ka adlaw," ni-ingon to si Badingding  "kay daghang mga out-of-towners 
nga manganhi, unya  iif it is only a one-night affair,  mobagul-bul nya sila kay kulang ra 
        The 3-day affair will start on Friday, July 24th with a vesperas (fiesta eve) informal get-together, which  will serve as the ice-breaker (as if Tanjayanons need one).  Next day the 25th, the kahulugan,  traditional fiesta date,  the Inauguaral Dinner and Ball will be held at the Spectrum Executive Club in Fullerton.The in-coming new set of officers for the years 1998-2000 headed by Fern Teves-Cruz  as president and Loreta Cusio-Gorospe and Marlene Zerna-Robertson, as vice-presidents, will be formally inducted into office.  On the 26th, the liwas,  there will be a lakeside picnic at the Tri-City Park in Placentia.  (Of course, in between the kumbera, singing, dancing, hudyaka, katawa, hisgot-hisgots, etc., 
there will be a friendly game of madyong on the side for the athletic-minded Tanjayanons.) 
        Expected to grace the celebrations are Tanjayanons coming from New York (headed by the 
charming Menchu Diago), from New Jersey ('Bay Pacing and wife Auring), Florida (Nene and 
Linda Seneris), Chicago and environs (Pete and Linda Orcullo), Toronto and British Columbia 
(Elpi and Myrna Culi).  
        "Hibalo mo, daghan pa kaayong mga out-of-state nga manganhi" added Marianne 
Allera-Fayssoux, incoming Treasurer, " apan wala ra mosugilon..  Others, tungod sa ilang 
vacation arrangements, they are still  two by two (translation: nagduha-duha pa).  
        "Na, kinahanglan gyung magpreparar ta'g ma-ayo ini, kay ma-ulawan unya ta", said 
Precy Torres-Laxina, incoming Secretary. Then somebody quipped: " Bantay mo, mga Tanjayanon ra ba kusog manaway!!!".    


                         Friday, July 24, 1998 - (Vesperas) 
                                     Reception (ice-breaker) (Starts 7:00 pm) 
                                     Potluck (Complimentary for Out-of-Staters) 
                                     Menu: Dinugu-an, sinugba,  binakhaw, komedya, hudya  katawa,  
                                                          kantahay, etc. 
                                     Venue: Danny & Badingding's residence 

                         Saturday, July 25, 1998  (Fiesta) 
                                     Inaugural Dinner and Ball 
                                     Speaker: USAF Col Gualberto Mercado-Sanchez, MD 
                                     Spectrum Executive Club 
                                     (No host cocktails starts at 6:30 pm) 

Sunday, July 26, 1998 (Liwas) 
      Continued fellowships,  singing, madyong,  other family games  
      Venue: Tri-City Park, Placentia  
      Auld Lang Syne 

V I V A   S E Ñ O R   S A N T I A G O !
Sinulog de Tanjay.  That is Jimmy Zerna (at left) auditioning for the Sinulog. Trivia: thesinulog, a mock battle between Christians and Moors, has been performed during the Tanjay Fiesta since early 18th century.

. . . . (A first-hand account by Falang)

(Bahala na ang atong mga readers ug unsa'y "good news" ug "bad news," pero kay we are supposed to be neutral sa ATN, here goes (pero ka-usik jud nga dili namo ma-express ang among "real thoughts"): 

THE WINNERS/LOSERS:   Very close kaayo ang mayoral contest between Junior Regalado (backed by the incumbent mayor, brother Arturo) and Baltazar Salma (backed by young businesman Nilo Tam). Siging ga-see-saw ang resulta.  Wala mahibal-i ang winner in the "Namfrel Quick-Count" hangtud pila ka adlaw. (Note: Namfrel was given authorization by Comelec to receive the sixth copy of the ballot - most of which were hanap na kaayo!  Ma-o na nga na-delayed ang "quick count" kay gipang-confirm usa ang contents sa sixth copy usa nila gi-ihap.)   Salma won by 358 votes.  Regalado won in the Poblacion by as many as 2,000 votes, while Salma won in the barrios - a reversal of the 1992 voting pattern.  Wala ma-klaro ug mo-protesta ba si Regalado, kay daku-daku man ang labaw ning Salma. The combined votes of the other mayoral candidates, Dr. Bumanlag, (husband of Rose Castil) and Atty. Rudy Navarro, ning-labaw sa total ning Salma.  Ang nakada-ug pagka  Vice-Mayor si Lawrence Teves, Jr, anak ni former mayor Tio Ybar Teves.  Medyo wala kaayo mo-epec ang kwartahanay kay bulanting man ang resulta.  Both mayor-elect and vice-mayor elect came from different parties.   

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