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Na, Mora'y Guidangat * !!!

        Letters, faxes, e-mail, phone calls, conversations......

*(This is a temporary title for this new column. Send us your suggestions. It should be a typical word or expression to which all of us can relate. Does not need to have sense - mga Tanjayanon, heh, heh!   -   Braddock Calumpang    BRADDOCK


  Inspite of the very low membership fee ($10 per family per year) including a free very entertaining newsletter (da best!), I notice that there are many members who still don't "have their names in bold". With the approach of Lent season, Tanjay Association should learn from our jeepney drivers in Manila as regards dues: God knows Hudas not pay. (Ha, ha, ha, of course, I'm just kidding.) Here's a check to cover my fees as honorary member. Thanks.

Jumbo Ponce de Leon
Santa Ana, Calif.

(Mr. Ponce de Leon, that good-looking gentleman with a disarming smile, is the Vice President of Negros Oriental Assn, USA. Now a businessman, he was former member of the Provincial Board of the province of Negros Oriental..)


Newsletter stinks! (???)

    Everytime I read the ATN, I always feel sad. Is this the kind of reading matter that Tanjayanons go for? Cheap, tasteless, slapstick, witless, dry humor? Please, it's garbage! And why mostly in Bisaya? I thought Tanjayanons speak and understand English - am I right, or I just thought wrong? Why don't you publish articles that deal on excellent achievements of Tanjayanons (if there are any)? Or why not write essays on how you can help and contribute on the progress of your town? In that way, reading your newsletter would at least do a little good. As it is, your ATN stinks!
    You published my previous letters. I dare you to publish this one!
Al Moranas
Los Angeles, CA
     Isa pa ra gud, 'Ting, kinsa gud ni si Al Moranas? Ngano man na siyang kada issue manghilabut jud na siya nato. Ikaw man pud gud,'Ting. Nahigalam na siya, kay kada niya sulat, imo dayong i-publish.
Clarita (Tia Ita) L. Cusio
Anaheim, CA
(Mrs. Clarita L Cusio is a member of the Board of Advisers of Tanjay Association.)
    'Tawon pud ni si Al Moranas (what a name!), wala siya kasakay! What's he got against Tanjayanons? Ngano man siyang manaway? Maybe a lot of expired/outdated ANUSOL-HC's will do the trick, ha, ha, ha. Any MD can give the Rx and I'll fill the prescription.
Lita Mercado-Quintos
Scarborough, Ont, CANADA
(Lita is a Canadian-registered pharmacist.)
     How do you solve a problem like Al Moranas? Normally, no prescription is done unless the patient is examined and the ailing part is seen by the doctor (whew!). I shall probably prescribe Preparation H to be applied with his finger to the affected area followed by several hotsitz to prevent swelling. However since this case has now become very critical, Dr. Mario Mercader and I shall perform surgery for free here in Kansas. We'll ask Inday Rue Limbaga-Sibala to assist. No, no, we don't advocate euthanasia here in Kansas. How about California?!?
Hector B. Fernandez, MD
Witchita, KS
(Drs Hector Fernandez and Mario Mercader will not use anesthesia in their surgeries, for economic reasons.)
To the Editorial Board:
     Carry on! I think you're doing a wonderful job, Mr(?) Al Moranas' opinion to the contrary notwithstanding.
     I write just to support what you're doing and to urge you to change nothing in your choice of "subjects and substance." Everyone knows that Ang Tanjayanon is written mainly for the Tanjayanons and their friends to provide respite - from the doldrums of work and the serious lifestyle that American culture otherwise bears upon their lives. Ang Tanjayanon refreshes them, breaks the monotony of work and, most importantly, keeps alive the carefree culture of a wonderful people. I, too, feel refreshed each time I read your publication. (Could it be because my roots from time gone by are from Tanjay?)     Timeliness? Your jokes are timeless! Stale news? Who cares! The news you publish doesn't really get old. Commitment? How many others can put together a publication this good and this long without getting paid for their time, efforts, and contribution of talents? If that is not commitment, I wish somebody could give me a better example.
    Ang Tanjayanon is unique, and it should retain that distinction. Let's keep Ang Tanjayanon what it is. If you change it, you may lose its flavor. And, what is Tanjay without its flavors?
Atty. Mars Maxino
Tracy, Calif
(Atty Maxino, a staunch defender of the oppressed and downtrodden, has always had a soft spot for Tanjayanons. His former girl-friend . . . well, that story is for the next issue. (Rem, komedya ra bitaw na. Mars, thanks very much for the support and inspiration)


Uniquely happy people, you

    The Ang Tanjayanon is really superb. I believe it is the most entertaining newsletter being currently published by any ethnic organization for its members here in the United States. You are a uniquely happy people who love to share the joys of this life. Congratulations.
Rene D. Sarmiento
Chicago, IL
ATN, makalipay
    Uy, baling lami-a nang atong newsletter. Makalipay gyud. Makes us proud of our townspeople. Ang nakada-ut lang kay kanang manghulam, dili na i-uli! Pwede bang mo-order sa back issues?
Dr. Beda Villarin-Ceniza
Sn Antonio Village, Dumaguete City
(Bed, abi nimo mas lami pa gyud ni unta if our really talented writers would only find time to write and send in their contributions. Ang nakada-ut lang kay these talented Tanjayanons pareho pud na sila nato: alabuton - ug wala sa "mood" dili mosulat! )

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