Vol 1, Num 3 (Apr-Jun 1996)                       Published by TANJAY ASSOCIATION, USA
Sunday, May 19, at Rynerson Park, Lakewood. See last page for data and other info.
ANG TANJAYANON NEWSLETTER IS A BIG HIT!! (Pero dili tinu-od ang rumors nga Rupert Murdoch is about to buy it....) Wala jud mi mag-dahum nga ang atong newsletter would be such a big hit in our community. Among the comments we have received are:
     (1) Ang atong Newsletter maayo diay para sa sakit sa ulo!
     (2) I love to read it when l am in the toilet.
     (3) It is like a breath of fresh air! .
     (4) Hasta ang Binisaya, Tinanjoyanon jud!
     (5) Can you publish it monthly?
Best of all, kadaghang mga Tanjayanons (kadtong dugay na'ng wala manungha!) nga ning-respond - letters, phone calls, cards, etc. Pero lami jud 'tong mga sobre nga baga-baga ug dyutay (in ader words, may sulod nga cheque, hahaha!). Na, by popular demand, here is anader offering - and thanks to your contributions, makapalit na mi ug postage stamps ug envelopes. (Intawon pud si Badingding ug si Danny, mahudtan ug laway sa pagtilap sa selyo!)
In this issue, duna'y sulat gikan ning Dr. Enting Batiancila (manti-aw pud Ting, wala ka ba'y laing angga nga Stateside-style - for example, "Dr. Ents," or "Dr. Vic?") who, we hope, will be our guest speaker sa 1996 Fiesta celebration next July pohon. We are also proud to announce that Tia Tutang Linibaga is now our official correspondent from the Tanjay-Philippines side (ang iyang side-kick si Andrews Calumpaug, who has written a piece about our Sinulog tradition). Maayo ni kay duna ta'y notisya from both sides - which is what our newsletter is all about, di ba?
Pero before anything else, nalimot mi ug mention in the last newsletter nga kadto diay'ng lechon nga gi-donate at the 1995 Fiesta Picnic was thru the generosity of Nene Luminaris and her brothers and sisters. (Actually, there was a small paragraph of Pasaylo-a mi, pero kay ta-as kayo ang page one, na-putol. So this time, doble jud ang among pangayo ug pasaylo!) (Danny ug Braddock, i-butang jud ni sa tunga harong di na pud ma putol! By order of Falang the Editor!)
Letter from Dr. Vicente V. Batiancila, M.D., F.A.C.S. (Diplomate, Ame Board of Surgery - now living in Milford, Connecticut):
I have to write you to thank the Tanjay, USA for the wonderful job you are doing by printing items in the newsletter which all of us want to know and savor. This is the first time I received the newsletter. It feels like a breath of fresh air by knowing what folks I used to know are doing now, most of them not ever knowing me.
I was born in an hacienda, part of Tanjay, and went to school in Tanjay but always considered myself an outsider because my parents originally came from Bantayan Cebu and worked as hands. But seeing the pictured people and going through the membership list makes me feel every bit a Tanjayanon and wish I could be in every gathering you have.

'Taken some time ago are clockwise from Mrs. Ringgie Teves (middle in dark outfit), Tia Ita Cusio, Inday Rue Limbaga-Sibala, Lina Barot Navas, Tio Temiong Cusio, Delia Cusio, Bobbie Faicol, Tita Cusio-Gorospe, Marites Faicol, Estella Navarro, Joseph Estrada, and current Association prexy Badingding Señeris-Gil.

.As for the mission to Tanjay, please encourage everybody to take part in it if they can. Nothing is more gratifying. In my own small way, I've been involved in such mission, both in Tanjay and Dumaguete. As a matter of fact, I've operated on a few Tanjayanons. In my last visit in July 1995 1 was very happy to know that a newly organized Rotary Club has been doing (or at least planning) worthwhile projects, and with support from my local Rotary Club here in my place, I gave the Tanjay Rotary Club $3,000.00. I'm mentioning this to let you and your association realize that help could also go through these civic organizations if you plan to in the future.

Thank you again for doing a great job.

Enting Batiancila

Comments: Daku jung inspiration kana-tong tanan to hinumdurn ug di-in ta gikan, ha-in na kita karon - and how we all want to give something back to Tanjay'. Daghang salamat, Ting; bason na lang jud ug maka-tabang tang tanan sa atong fel-low Tanjayanons, in one way or another..,


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