Vol 1, Num 2 (Christmas 1995, New Year 1996)                                      Published by TANJAY ASSOCIATION, USA


A Happy New Year to All!! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas, wherever you spent it. Maka-ibog jud ang nakapa-uli sa Tanjay - pero for those of us who were unable to go home, we "managed" to re-create Paskong Tanjayanon - alegre gihapon! But before we give you another tsapter-by-tsapter account of the Tanjayanon Christmas Party, here are a few thoughts to share with each of you.

Having a Newsletter of our own is already showing some results! Daghan kaayong na-nungha sa Christmas Party, largely because of the Newsletter kono. May na-nulat pud, ug may nang-hatag ug amot "bisan lang ug for the Newsletter" kono. In this issue, we are reprinting a letter from Dr. Delfa Calumpang Gomez-Dumaran. It's only the beginning, pero it is obvious that if we have a medium which we can use to communicate with one another - bisan ug pangumusta lang - dili ta mingawon kaayo, kay duna ma'y mga balita kabahin natong tanan. So, again and again, we encourage you to keep in touch - drop us even a postcard - let us know where you and your family are, unsa'y mga nahitabo, whether happy or sad. Let us share your happiness (labi na ug maka-da-ug sa Lotto!), sadness, concerns and worries. Also, let us know if you have moved.

.Mga teen-agers naningkamot

Mga "teen-agers" naningkamot gyud intawon nga makat-on sa new line dancing (L- R): Mariane Allera-Fayssoux, Paulit Salva-Korn, Perla "Falang" Manapol, Veronica Romero, Caloy Gil, Fern Ann Teves-Cruz, Carmelita Romero, Paraluman Zerna-Tabuena, Nene Munoz-Velarde, Rosa Aliermo-Arrieta. (Ang mga bana? Nanago intawon sa garaje - gui-ampo ang ilang mga asawa.)

Talking of sharing....we have a number of opportunities for each of us to show that we still care for those not-too-fortunate Tanjayanons. Read the item on the Medical , tan-awa ug unsa'y atong mahimo harong maka-tabang ta, one way or another, and let Pare Braddock know.

Ang mga "New Faces"

Because we can't possibly lista all those who attended the event, kadto na lang mga seldom-seen ang atong i-mention, okay? Leading the pack was Baby Gispert, who was visiting. Her husband, Joaquin Teves, is now president of Elizalde International in Manila. Ning-tungha pud si Rosa Aliermo-Arrieta and hubby Edgar. There was Jun Laxina with wife Precy Torres (anak ning Tio Pelagio Torres), who was bidang-bida on the piano and the dance floor....Didto pud si Ipay Villegas ug iyang bana, si Jackie Doromal .... The very gwapa Nene Velarde Dingcong (anak ning Mally Muñoz) was also a hit on the dance floor. Gina Villegas-Singh (anak ning Nene Villegas) came with her two sons - liwat jud sa Lolo's side of the family! Si Carmelita ug si Nik-nik Romero (mga igso-on ning George), may dalang mga bisita, wala'y hunong ug bayle .... Glen Teves and Hector Belo enjoyed the dancing... Si Madette Salva-Bumronpoong dugay ng nawala ni-tungha. Joe Laguda (anak ning Nanding Laguda, former mayor of La Libertad) and family came the farthest - all the way from San Diego (pero kadlawon na nama-uli!) - their pasalubong of a big box of persimon na-hurot dayon! Last but not least, si Siony Zosa Anderson (anak ning Chief Zosa) with husband Harold and son, ning- tungha pud...

* * * * *

Ang Pagka-on

First-class jud ang Christmas-motif table setting, thanks to the hosts. There was plenty of lumpia, lechong kawali, pancit, bangus, binakhaw nga na-hurot dayon (courtesy of Melo Teves), ham, kan-on nga wala'y dukot, cakes (including a special birthday one for Matsoy Cruz, bana ning Fern), and...... eng-eng- eng.......bud-bud (courtesy of the Salva family) ug tsokolati! Ang problema lang kay wala'y haliging ka-lambosan! Neber mayn - we used the refrigerator handle - likos lagi! Badingding and Falang were theones to batil the tablea in the baterol, pero ag boloneo mubo ra

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