(July- September, 1995)

Welcome our NEWLETTER.... 

At long last, we have a newsletter. (Dugay ra unta ni, pero si Falang ga-langay-langay mun gud!) 

With so many activities, happenings, visits, chismis, etc., there is only one way to keep track of all of them - and to keep everyone informed.  This newsletter will be sent to all the Tanjayanons in the U.S., and to our loved ones in Tanjay.  A two-way means of keeping in touch, indeed! 

We will need your support and cooperation, especially in sharing with us whatever piece of balita (including chismis, of course!) you might have: visitors from Tanjay; or have returned there for good; kinsa'y nanga-matay, nanganak, gi-kasal o kalaslon, mga bunyag, who are moving where, mga activities, meetings, reunions, even mahjongg sessions (pero wala'y labut ug kinsa'y na-pierde sa patad!).  Also, any tips and hints about cheap airfares, job openings, immigration matters, items for sale or exchange, balikbayan boxes, remitting money, etc., etc. 

In short, all the happenings within our family and Tanjay community circles that affect us in one way or another. 

In this first issue, the big topic is our 1995 Tanjay Fiesta Celebration last July.  To those who only heard about it, lupig pa'y Bisaya ug Liwayway drama stories! 


There are also stories of those Tanjayanons who were in our midst in the past three months. 

But before all that, let us introduce this year's Tanjay-USA Association officers: 

President - Badingding S. Gil 
Vice-Pres. - Anesio Piñero 
Treasurer - Alice Flores-Calumpang 
Secretary-PRO - Perla Limbaga Manapol 
Outgoing President - Nenen T. Luminares 

In case you haven't heard, the above officers were elected in a very special way: gisulat lang ag ilang mga ngalan sa blackboard while the rest were eating and drinking and kupay-ing and pong-ing during a picnic du-ol sa ilang Piñero (nga daghang nanga-wala kay lisud kaayo and directions).  Then, someone announced, "O, ma-o ni'y atong mga officers!"  Everyone looked at the board, nodded, and then the new officers had their picture taken. 

Ma-o diay ni and demokratik elections in America, no?  You'll have to admit that it beats the traditional system.... 

So, let's share the news!  Contact the following: 

Badingding - (310) 402-5098 
Alice & Braddock - (213) 662-4418 

Perla - (805) 379-4361 
Anesio - (909) 941-4190

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