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With the theme “It’s more fun With Tanjayanons”, the incoming young and raring-to-go key Officers of the Tanjay Association USA (LA/West Coast Chapter) were joined by their more sober “elders” who preferred to be called the “not gay” (for “not getting any younger”) counterparts in a first encounter meeting on Saturday, June 8.  It was held at the Salo-Salo Restaurant in Cerritos, CA.  Main purpose of the “summit” was the forthcoming 29th Annual Tanjay USA Fiesta Celebration (a 3-day affair of Tanjayanon fun, frolic, food and “fandemonium” ) slated on July 25, 26 and 27 this year.  Relevant topics were covered including promotion of the Event, the inaugural gala night, Souvenir Program Ads, the Fiesta Mass, the family picnic, as well as other mundane topics like the new  batchata dance craze, and, as a coup-d’grace,  a hands-on demonstration on baking the right size of cup cakes, siopao and bibingka on a very wonderful, fun and willing statuesque transgender member of the Board of Directors, Vanessa Silorio.
Group picture below taken after the meeting shows Braddock Calumpang, Jake Rosales, Hati Zerna-Colgrove, Raffy Muñoz, Tita Gorospe, Badingding Gil, Vanessa Silorio, Feb Sibala-Rushing, Eva Estimo-Muñoz, Mark Sandiego, Peping Gorospe and Danny Gil.  Before that, lower two photos show everyone enjoying the excellent food and having fun.
We Tanjayanons always have a story to tell, or a joke to share. Let’s publish them. Let’s make a Book that will make all Tanjayanons happy and proud – “to own and to gift”. There shall be a copy of this Book in every proud Tanjayanon home, especially in those of our homesick Tanjayanons around the world. This will be for them a “tambal sa kamingaw,” to remind them of the wonderful town and the beautiful lovable people they left behind . This will be our lasting legacy to the next and future generations of Tanjayanons to come. Send/email your stories, riddles, anecdotes, original Tanjayanon jokes, etc. together with your names and addresses to: tanjaythebook@aol.com.

  “The ultimate shortcoming of Tanjayanons has been their failure to come up with a record of their brilliance and pass it on as their legacy to the next generation.. “      Anton C. de Leon

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