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Your Stewards
Mrs. Badingding Señeris-Gil Fr. Carmelito Limbaga, Jr. Mr. Braddock Calumpang

Hi guys,

So here's the final tally.  Did we meet the "P100,000-in-45-days" challenge?
Yes, we did!  -  thanks to you and the 11th-hour rally of strong support coming from tried and tested Tanjayanons, like Tony Alcantara in Davao, Maldang Taala in New Jersey, Naida Duran, Elsa Lozano, Cipring Fabe in Canada, Willie Bartilad in Glendale and most especially from a proud Tanjayanon Bert Sanchez in Slovakia and CA, (who gave in  loving memory of his Tanjayanon mom, Tia Vevang Mercado-Sanchez).So how much money do we have? P100,000?  Please hold your breath as you retrieve the attached Report showing the total funds available. 

Na hala.  'Tay gyung katalana natong mga Tanjayanon!

(Please expect more communications re: best use of your donations from your stewards:
Fr Jun Limbaga, Badingding Señeris-Gil and me


TOTAL FUNDS AVAILABLE-------------------->  PhP  203,649.55

CHALLENGE AMOUNT - TO MEET ----->  PhP 100,000.00

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There are many worthy projects for our poor and needy brothers and sisters back home that need our help. It's time to give back.  Send in you donations/pledges, now!  Thank you very much.
For inquiries, please contact Braddock Calumpang
Tels: (939) 111-2166, (035) 415-9645,  email: rodolfocalumpang@aol.com

Click on the image to open the 2010 Souvenir Program online.

Click on this link 2009 SOUVENIR PROGRAM

2009 Souviner Program cover page

Please access RAMBLINGS for new updates including  a write up on the WET AND WILD (AND DRY) PARADES during the Tanjay City Fiesta. Return for a writeup about the L.A. Tanjay Fiesta celebration at a later date. Take a peek at TRAVELOGUE also.

    Issue No. 21 (Fall, 2008)                                            Published when in the mood by the Tanjayanons in America
 US Tanjayanons "surrender away" their own Anita O!
Long Island, New York The toast ended with: “Barry Moran, you’re the best!  And you have chosen THE BEST! -and "all Tanjay broke loose" ! Everybody was on their feet, thumping, with spirited bursts of cheers and victorious- sounding screams punctuated with ever louder shouts of “kiss, kiss” that reverberated in the big hall.  And by the time the long  “kiss, kiss” was over (to our  relief), we heard thunders of "more, more" not specifying if they meant more action or more practice in that seemingly  longest lasting wedding applause ever. 
       Well, it was not exactly a whirlwind romance.  Tanjay's very own Anita Olis, the typical vibrant Tanjayanon, and the life of every party who was not in a hurry to

Catch me, catch me, I'm yours" - Tanjay's one and only Anita Olis seems to float in air as lucky Connecticutian groom Barry Moran looks amusingly at his brand new vintage bride. After 17 years, both decided to get married last August in what was to become a 4-day celebration of sorts that brought together hundreds of Tanjayanons over to New York
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