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--- Find out what's cooking with the TANJAY ASSOCIATION, USA --- Read the past issues of the NEWSLETTER. --- Check out the 2009 SOUVENIR PROGRAM which is published online for the first time. --- Introducing RAMBLINGS and TRAVELOGUE by Danny Gil - Everyone in Tanjay is some way a relative. Check out TANJAY FAMILIES link The Tanjay Fiesta (L.A) is just around the corner. Read the Flyer
Tanjay Association, USA
Cheerily invites you to
“Celebrate Springtime with the Teehankees”
 (A Poolside Potluck Prelude to the 27th Fiesta Anniversary in July)
On Sunday, May 27, 2012 
(Fun starts at 11:30 am)

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Join in the excitement of writing the ultimate Tanjayanon Book. Be among the Authors, Writers, Poets, Story Tellers, Joke Contributors, etc. This is the Book everybody has been waiting for,  help us write it.   A copy of this Book will be in the homes of every proud Tanjayanon, here and around the world.   Submit your stories, anecdotes, jokes, riddles, etc. to tanjaythebook@aol.com

Taga-Tanjay Ko, Ting*
                                        . . . the story of a people of fun, in a town of faith
            *Cover Page    (Design, courtesy of Dr G Jude Bumanglag / Illustrator, Zosimo Ortega)
            *Credits    (List of Sponsors, Authors, Writers, Artists, Story-tellers, Contributors, etc.)
*Introduction (by Braddock Calumpang)
            *Foreword (by Fr Jun Limbaga)
Tanjay, a “faithful” town
1. History of Tanjay   Published/unpublished manuscripts, write-ups, / Vintage photos, etc.  
2. Tanjay Today   Photos courtesy of Tanjay Photographers Association , c/o Neil Salma
3. Ramblings (Pictorial essays, by Danny J Gil) (may include "the biggest flood in Tanjay’s recorded history")
The Tanjayanons, a class of their own
4. “Tanjayanon Ka Kung . . .” (Editor/In charge: “Ka Bino” Guerrero)
5. The Tanjayanon    Notable men and women who inspired our generation. (Editor/Writer:____?____ ) 
6. Original Tanjayanon Compositions:  Songs, Poems/Balaks, Reflections, Commentaries,  etc. (Open)
7. A Pilgrimage of Love (“to honor a Tanjayanon mother”, by Col. Dr Bert M Sanchez, USAF-ret)
8. The Best of the Ang Tanjayanon Newsletter (Reprint Editors: Braddock Calumpang/Iking Carino)
The Tanjayanons, fun tellers of tales
To be solicited from Tanjayanons all around the world.
[Entries published will include names and addresses (town/city and state/province) of contributors.]
9. Mga Estoryang Tinanjay  Full-length stories – sentimental, kalataw-an, tinino-od or binakak, pakatal, palami – all for fun, Tanjay style. [Editor in-charge: Marlon Silva 0933-982-1792]
10. Mga Anikdot/Komedya sa Tanjay Tanjay-style jokes and anecdotes - mga pakatawa, pasi-aw, komedyang  Tinanjay, funny Q&A’s, etc.)   [Editor in-charge: Ms Coring M Borromeo 0918-264-5244]
11. Mga Abal ug Sigben sa Tanjay and Other Stories   Witching-hour stories: mga wakwak, dwende, kapri, multo, etc. [Editor in-charge: Joebert Zuniga 0926-598-1319]   (P10,000 award for an actual photo of a sigben.)
12. Pakapin/Saksak Sinagol (Anything goes: mga tigmo, mga pinolosopo, mga expressions nga Tinanjay, mga angga nga talagsa-on, mga “Tanjay trivia”, mga “only in Tanjay” , etc.   
For more information, contact:
In the Philippines :
Danny J Gil 0917-700-8312     “Ka” Bino Guerrero 0919-380-5852    Oning Lopez 0920-857-6855
From Around the World
tanjaythebook@aol.com     Braddock Calumpang             1(650) 278-6174          rodolfocalumpang@aol.com
Website: www.tanjaycity.org      Facebook: www.facebook.com/tanjaythebook
“The ultimate shortcoming of Tanjayanons has been their failure to come up with a record of their brilliance and pass it on as their legacy to the next generation.. “      Anton C. de Leon

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