Our Tanjay Funds for Charity has a remaining balance of P160,131.21 as of December 31, 2014,
     deposited at the local branch of PNB/Allied Bank in Tanjay. The Amount is a consolidation of the
     results of our two fund raisers. Click on the reports below.

                   Donations received on January 17, 2011(page 1) -----------   P 203,649.55

                1. 2011 (Excess of Donations over Disbursements) (page 2)--- P   36,771.18
                2. 2013 (Excess of Donations over Costs and Expenses) ------     123,360.03
                             Remaining Balance (Combined) as of 12/31/14 -------  P 160,131.21
      Once again, the Funds' co-stewards, Fr. Jun Limbaga, Ms Badingding Seņeris-Gil and I hereby
      acknowledge and express our thanks for the generosity of our friends and our fellow Tanjayanons.