Treating Anxiety With CBD For Dogs

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Treating Anxiety With CBD For Dogs


Can CBD for dogs reduce or eliminate your pets’ seizure symptoms? As a long-time dog owner, I had never heard of this supplement, and wasn’t sure if it was good for my pet. So after a quick internet search, I decided to give it a try. Here is what I found. My nine-year old female dog has had epilepsy for most of her life, so I knew that anything I tried would be risky, but I wanted to see if CBD for dogs could help.

It turns out that the ingredient in cbd for dogs for dogs is called delta-9 tetrahydrocurate, and it is very similar to that which is found in the pharmaceutical company’s anti-epilepsy drugs. But since my vet is a nutritionist, not a veterinary medical specialist, she explained that there are other ingredients which are beneficial to animals. These other ingredients include carnosine, which can help to control blood sugar levels, and folate, which act as an antioxidant. Both of these ingredients can help your pet maintain a normal blood sugar level, which is important to reducing the likelihood of seizures.

After finding the right ingredients, my vet gave me two choices: medicinal or complementary. Since my dog has been a healthy patient throughout her life, and has not had any negative reactions to medicinal CBD for dogs, I decided to give it a try. We tried the canine version of Dr. Richter’s formula, and the results were promising. The seizures were still minimal, but she seemed less active, and didn’t seem anxious as much. All of her behavior changes were positive.

So after trying both medicinal and cbd products, we switched back to the original formula. Unfortunately, a few weeks later, after completing the trial, she was back in anguish. She was having more difficulty getting through the day, and every time I tried to get her to move, she would resist. That was when I slowly informed the veterinary office of my concerns, and they put her on a different regimen.

When asked what they recommended, the vet’s only response was that they would continue to monitor her, and keep an eye out for any potential signs of anxiety or pain. If my vet thought it was necessary to increase her dose, she would probably recommend it to her other patients as well. I understood, because I also suffer from chronic pain myself and needed to treat it. But if I was to switch my canine partner, I wanted to be sure I was not increasing her dose, and causing her any additional pain.

Fortunately, our veterinarian is a thorough and caring practitioner and knows how to properly administer CBD for dogs. She explained to me that the dosages are capable, and that it depends on the size and weight of the dog. So, even though she has never prescribed us pharmaceutical drugs, she understands how crucial it is to our dogs’ health. My family has experienced complete relief from all of her ailments since she began recommending cbd. Both my older daughter and her younger son have enjoyed the benefits of cbd for dogs, and the relief from their symptoms.


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